Sunday, 17 March 2013

My Experice with Bald Girl

I have seen a young but married girl with bald head today at restaurant. She is very cute. She had a 1 year baby in hand, her husband with her. But she only shaved her head, and she shaved her head 2,3 days back. It's not cleanly shaven head. But she is bald look. She and her hubby waiting in the reception area. Me also sat near by them for listen their discussion.

Initially she spoke about other things. Finally she comes my topic, yes headshave, not with me. She said to her husband how I am looking now, he said you are good. She said thanks and again I don't know how do I face my office colleagues with this look. He said don't worry no body will tease you, because you did it for god. She said I know, they won't tease me but they will look me with surprisingly and asking about my tonsure. Her hubby said, yes, obviously everybody will ask, because anybody shaved their head others will ask the reason. And they will comment about their look. So don't take this as hardly. She said yes, I know but it's difficult face others with the look.

Her hubby said, Geetu, don't worry, nothing can do right now. Your hair will grow normally only after 2 to 3 years, minimum 1 year. So we can't do anything. Also this is your wish, I am not forcing you for you on this. This is your decision. She accept and said yes, I agree, already it got late, so that only I have decided and take this hard decision. Ok nothing can do. She touches her head once again. And said actually I like my new look. But I need some moral support from others. Anyway it will go normal next week. Mean time I have to adjust for this. Also who ever see me in this look will asking about this. so that also boring for me to explain. When she discussed about this she got a call, she pick the mobile and speak, like this: yes pa. I am fine. Today morning, yes, we both came to restaurant pa. Yes good darshan pa. Yes pa, I did it. No pa he is not. Next will come pa. Pls ask mother to take care herself. surely will come next week. Inform this to mother pa. Ok she is sleeping, don't disturb pa. Bye pa.

After this she said to her hubby, Appa, he is asking about our trip and my tonsure. He invite us next week. I said ok. After this they got the seat in restaurant and they left.

How is my experience. I don't know what reason she shaved only I know is she shaved her head for vow.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My Barbershop Experience

This my experience in men's barbershop last week.

When I went to barbershop on monday early morning, nobody in the saloon. It's just opened. I am the first person who entered the saloon. Barber is cleaning the shop. When I enter he said, sir can you wait for 5 mins
I said yes. After 5 mins yes sir please come and sit in the chair. When I sat the chair. One lady came she had mid back hair. When she comes me and barber both looked her. She said want to shave her head. Barber said can you wait mam I will finish his haircut then I will do yours. I got surprised. Then I said no problem, please do her headshave first then I will cut my hair. She said thanks. And she sat in the chair. I just watching the lady. She got married her age should be 30+. She is comes from middle class. Barber is confirmed once again her headshave. She said yes. And she started to say that she had a ear pain for long time, and she consulted with the doctor. He checked and said need to operate and remove the dust from ear. So due to her operation her head should be cut. So she comes and shaves her head. I am asking why you are not going to any temple. She said her mother in law passed away 2 months back so she should not going to temple. That's why she came here.

Also some x-ray and scanning to be need to take after the haircut. So she comes the saloon. Her husband is in abroad. She had no children. I know the lady know previously not very much but I have seen frequently. After some time barber covered her body with white cloth and free her mid back hair and spray water completely. Then he took the new blade and insert to the knife and start shaving her side portion. Her bald plait is revealed. He completed one side then he started to the next side. Her lap full of hair. She is now half bald. After few mins she completely bald. But the barber once again apply water in her bald head and starts shaving. Once he completed he said mam it's over. Then she touch her bald head and given the amount and left the place immediacy with covered her bald head.

Next is  my turn, then I spoke about women's headshave. Barber said he shaved lot of ladies and girls. This month this the first headshave. Mostly ladies comes and shave their head in the early morning because nobody will seen their headshave. They comes for lot of reasons. Some of them for dandruff, Headache, Head surgery. Hair burn. And also he said one lady in our area comes every alternate month and shaved her head. But he don't know the reason for her headshave. She is also mid aged married women. And one young girl comes her age should be 20. She came 6 months back she had a curly hair and she shaved her head due to summer.

I surprised about barber's experience. He said one young marriage women she shaved her hip length hair due to her husband's suspects her for illegal contact. When she shaved her head her hubby also came with her. Actually he insist for very short crew cut, but she herself said want to shave her head.  And one longhair women came and cut her hair upto shoulder length. But he don't know the reason about her haircut. Some of the young girls also comes for haircuts. Some time he went to the customer place and done haircut and headshave for girls and ladies. Due to shyness they won't come to saloon. He will charge extra money for this. After this incident I am planning to go to the barbershop only in early morning time.

Hope you guys enjoy my experience.