Saturday, 17 November 2012

Divya Aunty's Love

Rathna is a teenage girl, she had a gorgeous hair. She maintains very well. She likes her neighbour Divya. And Rathna called Divya as aunty, because she is 30 yrs of age, she is working in a private concern. Most of the time she spends the time with Divya. Divya is came this area just 6 months back. She is a widower. She had a 5 years girl. Divya aunty maintains her hair like boy cut. But she combing Rathna's hair and she likes her hair. One day Rathna also asking why aunty you are not grow long hair. Why you had a short hair, Divya smiled and not said anything. But in her photo it took before 5 years she had a waist length hair. That's why Rathna surprised and asked this question to Divya.

After a week, one saturday morning Rathna went to Diyva's house but her house is locked, so she comeback. She checked in the evening also but it's closed. Next day morning also her house is closed. She thought she went some of the relations house. But she don't know the exact reason. But in the evening Divya's daughter is sat in outside. When Rathna seen this then she went inside to Divya's house. But Divya is not in her house. She is searching in the rooms, by the time her daughter enter the house and she hugs Rathna. She also kissed and asking where is your mom, she replied mom is taken the bath. Then Rathna asking where you went yesterday. She replied we went tirupathi. Rathna said ok. By the time Divya come out from the bathroom, with clean shaven head. and she wearing a night dress.

Rathna got shocked her new look. Aunty, what happened why you shave your head, is there any prayers, Divya replied "No", then why you tonsure your head. Because you are in a modern look, suddenly coming with a bald look. Divya sat infront of Rathna and said, Rathna this is not a vow already I told, but one small story behind my tonsure. And she started telling that, When she got married and after her delivery her hubby had a prayer at tirumala Divya also accepted, she is not worry about her long hair. They are planning both head shave by their 3rd year anniversary. But before one month he passed away in road accident.

So for her hubby's wish she shaved her head next year at tirumala in her marriage anniversary day, also for the past 2 years she is doing. Also she wants to continue for her life time. So yesterday is her marriage anniversary day so she went to tirumala and shave her head and comeback. Rathna said oh that's why you maintain such boy cut look. Divya smiled and said yes.  Rathna like Divya's look and her love with her hubby. After this, every year exact her marriage day Divya shave her head. She don't want to deny her headshave for any reasons.

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