Sunday, 25 November 2012

Anita's Tonsure

This story is inspired from true story. I have changed the name of the characters. Attached images is just inspired from net. Not any link between this story and the image.

Anita is 25 years young girl. Anita had 1 elder and younger brother. Her elder brother is in USA and so her parents went last week to there for 1 year. Anita her brother Avinash stay together in chennai. Anitha and Avinash is working in private concern. Her parents are looking alliance for Anita for past 4 years. But they are not getting a good match for her.

They had a family astrologer is trying to match lot of horoscopes but he couldn't match anything. Her parents are worry about her daughter marriage. And 2 years back he found some fault (Dosham) in Anita's horoscope also informed about this to her parents. They asking about anything need to compensate (Pariharam) for this Dosham, astro said yes, Anita should shave her head at tirumala. Her parents got shocked and they won't accept, also they are asking another way to solve, but the asto said this is the only way otherwise no chance. But they are not accept this. Anita also heard this she also refuse to shave.

Last month she got a good match everything went well, but in the last minute this alliance is dropped out. Everybody in her family sad about this, because this is the 3rd alliance got dropped  in the last minute for some reasons. After this Anita said I don't want to marry anyone so please don't force me again, please do marriage for Avinash. But her parents said no way Ani you are the elder so we need to complete your marriage then only we are think about his marriage. Avinash is love with his college mate. Anita know about this. But their parents not know. Avinash is just 1 year younger to Anita. So he is also eagerly waiting for Anita's marriage, then only he will speak about his love.

By the time Avinash is fiancee's came up with some problem, for her parents looking for alliance, so she informed her love interest to her parents. Initially they are against this but after some long conversation they accept this. They met Avinash and spoke about this. Byt they put one condition that is need to complete the marriage with in a year otherwise they will select other match for their daughter due to some family problems.Avinash said after her sister marriage only she will marry her daughter. Yes, this is your decision, but we are accept this but with in a year you should marry otherwise don't blame us. Avinash don't have words he said ok.

Finally Avinash parents also knows this, they also worry about this. Again they contact their family astrologer  again he said please compete her tonsure at tirumala, you will get a good alliance with in 6 months, otherwise no chance. They spoke to Anitha, and told about this, but she is not accept. But she loves his brother, so after the long hard decision she accept her tonsure, but this time Avinash is not accept. But she convince Avinash.They are planning to go to tirumala this weekend. She called her parents and said this, they are not happy but they said ok Anitha take care.

Anitha, Avinash and her fiancee Nisha three of them starting to Tirumala. In the way Avinash said, Ani is this necessary to tonsure, because if you tonsure, if not getting any alliance in a year what will we do. She said correct, but we will try this also, because, if thinking later we could try this now. If it's workout we will happy otherwise leave this. They reach tirumala at 9AM in the morning and they got darshan in the evening. They went to their room and refresh for some time. After 2 hours they are going to Kalyanakatta for Anita's tonsure. Nisha also not interest about Anita's tonsure. Once they reach the tonsure hall Avinash bought 1 ticket for Anitha. She is standing in the que. Ane she touches her long hair. There are lots of lady barbers sat and shave female head. She had tension, butterfly is flies in her stomach, because this is the first time she tonsure her head after 20 years. She is not remember her last headshave also. She is seen some of the girls and ladies are cutting their hair little bit, in her que she is the only young with long hair for headshave. This also her tension. She is watching the tonsure process. After 15 mins her turn. She free her hair and gave the hairband to Nisha, and said it will not use for her other 1 year.

Then she sat in front of the lady barber Avinash gave the tonsure token to her. She is asking gundu / cut (tonsure or cut) Anita said gundu (Tonsure) then Anita gave her long hair to the women, she bend her head and pour water in her head. Anita feel sadly. She massage her long hair nicely. Her long hair is now completely wet. Then the barber put two knots, and barber insert a new half blade in the knife and bend her head again. Anita said Govinda, barber shave her middle part, Anita feels chillness in there head first time in her life. In her lap her hair is felt down. She look her hear and had a tears in her eyes. But she don't have any choice, by the time the barber shaves her left side and right side. She is now half bald, her front portion of the head is completely bald and back side the long hair then the barber shave backside of the hair also. In Anita's lap full of her hair. Once again baber completely shave her bald head.

Finally Anita stood up and came to Nisha, and give her thuppata, Nisha said it's cool Ani. Anitha said thanks, then she wash her bald head in the bucket of water. Some of the hair in her shoulder she clear with water. Avinash is watching this entire process. First time he look at Anitha with bald head. He took some pictures for bald head Anitha.

Next day in her neighbours are shocked Anita's look, she said it's vow. She sends her bald look photos to her parents. After 6 months she got a alliance. Now she had had a boy cut look. So there parent fix there marriage next year for Anitha and Avinash in same day.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sangeetha's Hair loss for Peaceful Life

Sangeetha is model come actress, actually she acted only one movie but it's not went well, so she stopped acting in movies. But she continues her advertisements acts, she had a gorgeous hair. So most of the haircare products are targeting Sangeetha. She is the successful model for the particlar hair care product. She acted  more than 20 ad's for the hair care product. If other companies also tried to get their products, but they won't let her go to others, they pay lot of money. Sangeetha also not moving for this reason.

After a year she got married, after her marriage she stop acting in ad's also for her hubby's compulsion. The haircare product want shoot a new ad with Sangeetha, they tried her but she denied. They also quote some big amount for this ad, but she refused act. After this they tried her hubby, he is also not interested in this, but they convinced as it's not glamour role, just she show her long hair in the screen and she is wearing saree for this shoot, not more than that. Also it's 1 day shoot. So finally he accepted, but Sangeetha is not interested this ad. But her hubby's compulsion she acted in this ad. This ad also got very well went. The response for the ad is very good.

After 6 months again they tried over phone to Sangeetha, she said no, but they convince, she said I will not do please leave me, please choose some other model for this. But the ad company is not convinced the whole week they try to rope Sangeetha. Finall Sangeetha said, please come to my house, and meet me, I promise you guys won't accept me for this ad, surely you will choose other model. But they said no madam, we are looking you only, anyway thanks for giving appointment, we will come directly and convince you.

Next week they went to Sangeetha's house, it's big bungalow, maid is come and inform to wait for some time, and she said , Madam will come other 15 mins. They are waiting, by the time Sangeetha came. They shocked, yes, Sangeetha is now clean shaven head. They don't have words, mam, what happened to you?, she smiled and said, it's a vow at palani yesterday. That's why I denied this ad. Finally they left the place.

By the time her hubby is came and asking, Sangeetha can you tell me the true reason because I know this is not a vow as you said me also, she smiled and said, yes, I don't want to act anymore in my life time due to our family. But they won't accept the reason so I don't have choice. So for the past one week I am thinking what will they can accept, finally I decided and shaved my head, I had little worry for my long hair, but there is no other option. Anyway they will not disturb me in future. She touches her bald head and said, I don't want to grow my long hair also, I want to maintains very short hair. So If they reach me after one year also I have a good reason.

Her hubby is smiled and said, your decision is correct Sangeetha, because in our family most of them are critsied about you acting in a ad, also most of the problems are raised due to this in our family, so it's end finally with your bald head. You lose your hair but you gain the a peaceful life. Both of them hugging each other.

Aparna's (Final) Decision

Aparna is a long hair girl. She had a gorgeous long hair upto her waist. She is working in a private company, she joined a company last month. She got her first month salary today. She is thinking what will get for this. Because she loves her father, she don't have mother. Her mother dies in her small age. After this her father only bought up her with lot of struggle. Aparna is not forget about this. So she want to buy something for her father.

Her father is a retired school teacher. Her father's dream is marriage for her daughter. But Aparna is not prefer for her marriage because of her father. She want to take care of her father. But her father is compel for her marriage. She said after two years she will marry.  So her father also accepted that.

Aparna decided to buy a silk dhoti and new shirt for her father. So she went to the shop and bought a nice pair of dress, along with the sweets. By the way she thinking her childhood days with her father. In her age of 2 years her mother passed away. After this her world is her father only, she is not remember mothers face. And her 1st tonsure at the age of 3 at her family temple.  She scared about the knife and her father convince her to tonsure. And after that 5 years she joined a school. Her father only drop at in her school. She cried a lot in the first day. And after 3 years her father want to shaves her head again but she is not accepted. Because she had a long hair. So her father also not force her. After this she grows her hair long. Upto college she is not cut her hair. She trim her hair little not big cut. She thinks everything and she touches her long hair.

Once she came back to house with lot of joy, everything is gone, yes, her father is passed away. He died in heart attack in sleep. She tried to wake her dad, but he is gone. She tears a lot she don't know anything. After some time neighbours are coming and she informed her relations. Most of her relations are in abroad. So some of them only came. Also no male relations in her family, most of them are female. So her neighbours are helping for the funeral for her father. So they are planning to do the final rites by next day.

Next day only everybody asking who is doing the final rites, because if he has a son or son in law they will do but he has only daughter. And she don't have any cousins or her father's brother's also. Finally Aparna said I will do the rites to my father. Initially everybody against that, but they don't have choice so her relations and neighbour accepted. They took her father's body to the burial ground. Aparna also going. There is only women in this crowd. One they reached she is started doing the rites. As per her family they have to creamate the body and the who is doing the rites need to shave their heads. Her neighbours are said as she is a girl cremation is enough, no need of tonsure, instead of tonsure she can cut her hair little bit. But Aparna said no problem, I will do what ever per our cast. Everybody shocked, but she said please I am doing for my father, so I will tonsure my head.

Barber also already in the cremation ground, Aparna sat in front of the barber and bent her head, she is thinking her childhood day, she is not accepting her tonsure, but today for her father she is tonsure her head. She is crying. By the time the barber pour the water in her head. Massage her head nicely, then he inserted a new half blade and started shaving her middle of her head. Her long hair is felt in her lap, she feels the chillness in her head. Other 2 mins her head is completely shaved, her long hair is in the land. She touches her head. And she went to take a bath, and her neighbours gave a new dress to Aparna, finally she came with a whit saree and new bald look. And she cremated her father.

Everybody in her house are shocked about her guts. Also the 10th day rituals again she shaved her head. After this she don't want to grow her hair long. She want to maintains her hair like boy cut.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nisha and Gayathri is New look

Nisha is a housewife her age is 28 and she is the best longhair women in the flat. Everybody likes her long hair. Some of the females are jealous about her hair. But she is friendly with everybody, also easily mingle with others. So most of them like Nisha. Her hubby is in Hyderabad, he will come every month. Her best friend in the flat is Gayathri, she is also an house wise. But she is younger than Nisha. Her age is 24, she got married last year only. Both of the went everywhere. They understand each other. But Nisha had a mid length hair.

After a month Gayathri coming with a new cut bobcut, Nisha for shocked her new look. She said, it's difficult to maintain a long hair that's why I cut my hair, also I want to change my look. Nisha also likes her short hair. Gayathri asked why you are not try a short hair, Nisha said, I love my hair also I don't have any difficulties to maintain such a long hair, also I don't want try a new look. I want to stay with my long hair for in my whole life.

But everything changed with in a month, Yes, Nisha shaved her head at tirumala, everybody got surprised, her new bald look, especially Gayathri. Hey Nisha what happened last month you said me, don't want to try a new look and stay with the long hair, but suddenly you are coming with a bald head? Nisha said, correct that time I don't have a idea to shave my head, but my hubby have vow at tirumala, so he wants me too join for this, initially I was fear about my tonsure, but he advised me to tonsure. In my marriage life, he did me for everything without without asking, also he is not asking anything to me , this is the first time he request me, so I accepted my hubby's wish and I done my tonsure. Anyway hair will grow other one year, it's not a problem, I had a little worry of losing my long hair, but my hubby's wishes comes true. If he is happy I am also happy and our life will go without any problem.

Actually I cried a lot in the whole night, then my hubby said if you are not interested I will not force you, the word he said is I feel guilty. Finally I accept with smiling face. Yesterday we went to tirumala and shaved both of them head and comeback.

Divya Aunty's Love

Rathna is a teenage girl, she had a gorgeous hair. She maintains very well. She likes her neighbour Divya. And Rathna called Divya as aunty, because she is 30 yrs of age, she is working in a private concern. Most of the time she spends the time with Divya. Divya is came this area just 6 months back. She is a widower. She had a 5 years girl. Divya aunty maintains her hair like boy cut. But she combing Rathna's hair and she likes her hair. One day Rathna also asking why aunty you are not grow long hair. Why you had a short hair, Divya smiled and not said anything. But in her photo it took before 5 years she had a waist length hair. That's why Rathna surprised and asked this question to Divya.

After a week, one saturday morning Rathna went to Diyva's house but her house is locked, so she comeback. She checked in the evening also but it's closed. Next day morning also her house is closed. She thought she went some of the relations house. But she don't know the exact reason. But in the evening Divya's daughter is sat in outside. When Rathna seen this then she went inside to Divya's house. But Divya is not in her house. She is searching in the rooms, by the time her daughter enter the house and she hugs Rathna. She also kissed and asking where is your mom, she replied mom is taken the bath. Then Rathna asking where you went yesterday. She replied we went tirupathi. Rathna said ok. By the time Divya come out from the bathroom, with clean shaven head. and she wearing a night dress.

Rathna got shocked her new look. Aunty, what happened why you shave your head, is there any prayers, Divya replied "No", then why you tonsure your head. Because you are in a modern look, suddenly coming with a bald look. Divya sat infront of Rathna and said, Rathna this is not a vow already I told, but one small story behind my tonsure. And she started telling that, When she got married and after her delivery her hubby had a prayer at tirumala Divya also accepted, she is not worry about her long hair. They are planning both head shave by their 3rd year anniversary. But before one month he passed away in road accident.

So for her hubby's wish she shaved her head next year at tirumala in her marriage anniversary day, also for the past 2 years she is doing. Also she wants to continue for her life time. So yesterday is her marriage anniversary day so she went to tirumala and shave her head and comeback. Rathna said oh that's why you maintain such boy cut look. Divya smiled and said yes.  Rathna like Divya's look and her love with her hubby. After this, every year exact her marriage day Divya shave her head. She don't want to deny her headshave for any reasons.