Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Uma's Decision

This is a fiction not a real one.

Sonia going to her native, she slept in the afternoon 12 pm in the bus. After some time one lady sat near by Sonia. But sonia is not seen her, because she is in deep sleep. The bus stopped for lunch in some where in the highway. Then only she wakeup. When she look the near by lady, and she surprised. The is young and she shaved her head cleanly and applied sandal in her bald head. She turn and look Sonia and smiled, and sonia also smiled. Sonia asking currently which place the bus is, she replied villupuram. Then she asked sonia where you are going, sonia replied Madurai. Sonia asking the lady where you are going, she replied, me too (Madurai). Sonia then asking where you done your headshave, she replied, Vadapalani Murugan temple. Sonia asking about purpose of her headshave, she replied it's a big story, then she started her story.

My name is Uma, 3 years back I got married. My husband native is chennai, and my hometown is madurai.Actually I had a long hair. I maintained properly, and I love my long hair. Even I am not cut my hair for the past 7 to 8 years. But once I got married, everything went wrong, due to my family financial position I am going to job, and this is my 1st job. So once I joined the job I am not able to take care my hair. But I don't want to cut my hair. But my work timing won't permit me to take care my long hair. Past 6 months my hair got fallen, so I consulted a beautician, she advise me to cut my hair short. But I denied this idea. After this she gave some natural Oil for hair. I have applied also. After this my hair fallen got stopped. But the beautician said please wash your hair weekly twice, and apply this oil. So I tried this also, after this my hair fall is stopped fully.

But I tired for these process, one point of time I hate my longhair, so I want to cut short my hair. But my hubby won't accept. I tried to convince him for haircut, but he said "no way" don't cut your hair, I like your long hair. But I said my problem for my long hair. But he didn't listen anything he denied my haircut. So I stop my argument with my husband.

After 3 months, my husband want to speak to me, he want me to tonsure my head. When I heard this statement from my husband I got shocked, I said no way, I don't want to shave my head. But he said, Uma, please listen to me, I seen you are tired to keep your long hair, I don't want force you for this decision, but think about this idea, if you tonsure your head at temple, my mother will happy, then you can try whatever hairstyle, my mother won't say anything. But if you cut your hair now, my mother will scold you like anything, also I will not able to help this. So lets decide yourself.

After 3 days I thinking about this, and finally I take the decision and I informed to my husband for my headshave. He also ok with that. Then we plan for a tonsure place and date, my husband and mother in law said this is the thaipusam time so shave your head at vadapalani murugan temple, on the thaipusam day. I also accepted. Also I said, after my tonsure I want to go to madurai, and see my parents, and will stay for 1 week. My hubby and mother in law accepted this. So today morning me my mother in law and husband went to the temple, and I tonsure my head.

Sonia asking you feel bad while your tonsure your head, Uma said, Yes, I literally cried from yesterday night, but my husband convince me, today morning also I cried when the barber tonsure my long hair. But after my tonsure I got my confidence. That's why I am not wearing an scarf to hide my bald head. But I am little bit nervous to see my parents and my office friends. Sonia said, don't worry Uma, I am not seen you with long hair, but I seen you with bald look, you are very beautiful with this look. If you continues this look also you will bold and beautiful. Don't worry about others. They will also feel like me. After this long discussion they reached madurai, then they left their place.

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