Thursday, 28 April 2011

Don't Grow Long Hair

Priyanka is long hair girl, she is an orphan. She maintains her hair carefully. She finished her college and not yet married, she working in Pvt Company. After she joins the company she stayed in women’s hostel. One day she came to her hostel at 8pm, some body pull her in car, and spray something in her face. She felt down in the car. After this incident she is not remember anything. After some time she open her eyes and find out which place she is in but she is not identify anything she scared. She tagged in the chair, her hand and legs are tied. Her mouth also stickled with plaster.

But she tears in eyes and cried a lot. The room is very dark and there is no light. So she feared heavily. After some time one guy came she is not identify his face and voice. He questioned priyanka, how are you? She said what you want kidnapped me? He replied I will release once my wish is over. By the time this guy is touch her shoulder and said you are beautiful, and I want you to make more beautiful, she got confused. He touches her long hair, and said your hair is very beautiful than you, I like your hair, nothing can’t do for priyanka, she cried and said please relieve me, I want to go, what you want, I don’t have much money, I think you wrongly kidnapped me. But he smiled and said no priyanka , I purposely kidnapped you, and I don’t want any money. Again she confused and questioned to this guy, then what you want? You want to my body, pls don’t touch, I am not yet married, so pls don’t do that.

He smiled and said, you have asset I want that, she is asking I don’t have any asset in my name. He mentioned your hair, this is your asset, I want your long and lovely hair. She shocked and said pls don’t do anything my hair. By the time he took the scissor and starts cut her long hair, she cried but he won’t consider this. He cut one side of her hair and said it’s look like very good, and put it in her lap, she watch her long hair in her lap but she can’t do anything. Then he cut again her long hair and put it in to lap again. She is look like ugly in this look, because right side she had very long hair and left side she had very short hair. Then the guy releases her hands and legs, she holds his shirt and asking why you cut my hair, he said, I like your haircut. I will release you now also but your look is very bad, so I will give you scissor and 5 mins time to you if you want you can cut your hair evenly other wise I will drop at in your hostel in this same look. She don’t have option. She touch her long hair and touch her other side of her head it’s look like boycut, so finally she cut othersied also like leftside. Around her full of her long hair. This guy said very good haircut and he also said pls maintain your hair carefully otherwise like me somebody will cut. Then he sprayed in her face and to car and travel to her hostel. Other 1 hr he pour water in her face and said pls get down here your hostel is come.

Then she get the car and hide her head with thupaata and went inside. Then she open her room and sent inside the room and lock the room and seen her face in the mirror and starts crying. Her hair is not cut evenly. It’s look like bad haircut. So finally she decided to go to parlor for a nice haircut. On the way she is thinking who is this guy and why he cut her hair. Then she went to parlor and cut her hair short crop, like boycut and came back to her hostel. Her hostel warden got surprised her look. She said it’s time to change her hair style. Then she again went to her room and she try to remember the guy’s face, finally she remembered the guy. This guy is proposed priyanka longback but she is not accepting his love. So that he took revenge of her. But nothing will happen if she complaint against this guy in police station because this guy is political background. After this she decided she don’t want to grow her long. She wants to maintain her hair short. Her office also all of them surprised her look. She said the same thing to everybody that is she want to change her hairstyle.                                                  

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