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Kavitha's Medium Boycut - Story Posted by Amazing2085

Kavitha finished college 1st year few days back. In her home, they had to daily braid kavitha in college days as she had long hair. So they planned within all members that kavitha should be given short haircut.
Some suggested she can be given shoulder length haircut. But her aunt suggested she can be given be boy cut hairstyle so that we need not comb her long hair. They hinted at this idea to Kavitha who like her long hair very much. Kavitha argued she wont cut her hair. They scolded her for not agreeing for haircut. After a lot of arugments, her aunt told morning 10 am, we will be going to parlour for boy cut hair of yours. Kavitha saw her over mirror and seeing her long hair finally.

Kavitha went with her aunt to a ladies beauty parlour around 11 o clock. She didn’t speak to her aunt on that day as she was fed up of losing her long hair. When they went in, Kavitha hands were shivering thinking about haircut and how she will look after. Two seats were there. One girl was being given yebrow threading. Another girl was trimming her hair. Kavitha asked she too would trim and leave the parlour.By that time, threaded girl left the parlour and beautician asked what needs to be done for this girl.Her aunt said,cut it short like boy cut. Kavitha started to cry as she had no choice .Beautician asked very short  boy cut or medium boy cut. Her aunt said medium boy cut.
Kavitha with red churidar and inverted tupatta had tied her hair in ponytail.  She went and sat in the chair. Beautician put a white cloth and tied it at her neck. Kavitha had tears running down. She sprayed
 water on her thick and long hair. Her aunt said she should look like boy when she gets down.Beautician said dont worry she will be shortened as much as possible. Beautician made kavitha neck to bend down.
 Kavitha was crying down with tears. Then she took scissors.chick..chick..chick..The sound of scissors heard by kavitha was making her shivering. Beautician made her ponytail half the length. Within 2 minutes,She gave two ponytails cut from her long hair to aunt. Her aunt smiled and took it in her bag. Kavitha had her hair upto shoulder where she had her ponytail tied previously. She had her bob cut  hairstyle now .Kavitha said to beautician please leave like this, i am ok with bob cut, don’t cut it too short.

 Her aunt and beautician bended her head down and her loose bob hair was cut. As she had a deep neck cut in her chudi previously, now it became visible and neck is being shown now. Then beautician came
 front and started to cut her front loose hair. Then Kavitha was made to turn left side and beautician clippered her side burns and her ears became visible. She was turned to right side and her hair was shortened around ears.Her aunt came near the chair and said it keep this thickness and trim it at ends.

Kavitha did not see her face in the mirror till then. Now when she saw, she started touching her hair back and checked her length and shocked to see no hair at her neck. Meanwhile beautician trimmed her back
 hair and made it straight like boys back hair. Then she came front and started combing her hair front and cut the length and made some hair to be shown in the front. Then she was shortened at her ears both left and right.  Her aunt came near the chair and asked could you remove the hair on her face? Beautician said, shall i do threading?  No, can you shave her side burns and face. Kavitha said please leave me, i don’t like  shaving my face. Her aunt said, if you don’t like shaving your face, she will shave your  head. Kavitha said please shave my face. Then beautician took a razor and started shaving her side burns around her ears. She made kavitha head to lie on the chair head and started shaving her face. Kavitha  felt the pain of razor on her dry skin. She was totally humiliated in the process. Then beautician applied powder on her visible neck and shaved face. Kavitha finally got down and felt her short hair with her hands.  Her aunt paid 100 rs to beautician and Kavitha's visible neck with boy cut was seen by everyone on the way to home. She started to enjoy her short haircut finally after few days.

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