Monday, 18 April 2011

Keerthana Front Haircut - Story Posted by Amazing2085

Keerthana was a homely girl. She was in her first year of college. But she always wore her mid-length hair in two braids like school girls. She wore most often pavadai-shirt and her pretty look made her
neighbours jealous. She had one desire that she want to cut her front hair like bangs or feather cut which
is more stylish. But she stayed in her uncle and aunt's house who had a housemaid for household work.Housemaid used to speak freely with keerthana as both of same age and she used to get some confidential information from housemaid happening in her home.She was asking them permission for going to parlour and cutting her front hair stylishly. But they both not let her do it as they felt girls are not subjected to go to parlour.Keerthana always felt they both dont like her beauty to be enhanced.

After an year finally,when she was in 1st year holidays. Her aunt said i will take you to nearby parlour and you can cut your hair as you wish. Keerthana really felt her wish was nearby to be fulfilled. Her aunt as she said told next sunday we can cut your hair, Keerthana was happy and was touching her hair and playing with it thinking she can have it stylish front hair next week. She was taken to parlour and was waiting.The parlour speciality was they have a achari who sits outside the parlour for girls who wish to pierce their ears,nose.If any girl comes for haircut and piercing, beautician will cut her hair and achari will pierce her nose. Keerthana was unaware of it. Her aunt said, Keerthana please wait inside the parlour, I will come within 5 minutes.She went outside and came in and called keerthana.Please sit here and do whatever he says. She asked i want my hair cut in parlour, not here. Her aunt said, he is not going to cut your hair. He is going to put mookuthi for you. You have to pierce your nose. She became tensed was about to get up but her aunt slapped and made her sit. Meanwhile achari put a red hot needle in her nose. Keerthana shouted and everyone in street started to see her. Keerthana could not bear the pain and she screamed,shouted in pain. Blood and tears were running down.She was given a round golden mookuthi glittering on her nose. Keerthana asked why you cheated me? Her aunt said, as a college girl, you have to pierce your nose not hair being cut. Keerthana went to her house and didnt come out for a week as pain was unbearable and she felt shy seeing others. Her uncle was kidding her on mookuthi and she felt shy speaking to guys especially. One fine day, she was speaking with her housemaid, when she said last week your aunt and uncle were discussing to surpress you and make your nose pierced. They made a plan to cheat you. So she said unless you ask again for haircut and they say ok, never accept if they take you to parlour. After a month passed away, Keerthana saw a actress in tv with front haircut and her desire rose again. Slowly she pleaded her aunty to permit her to get her haircut. Her aunt said after discussing with uncle, she will let her know. Keerthana said as i put mookuthi as you wished, please permit for haircut.

Few days later, she was given a happy news that she was given permission for haircut finally. This time she said, I will go myself to parlour, so i cant get cheated. Her aunt said ok. Keerthana woke up the next day and started preparing herself for long time desire. She was so pretty with her mookuthi now. If she
cuts her front hair, she will look more beautiful she thought. As there were only two parlours in her area, she was to go the second parlour as other parlour has achari in front of it. He might see her and force
her to pierce earlobes or other side nose she thought.She took her mobile phone and went around 11 o clock in the morning. Her aunt wished her for good haircut. She walked to parlour which is 20 mins away from home. She was very happy and she didnt care the distance to be walked. She went to parlour. There was another girl getting her eyebrows done. So she was told to wait for some time. When the girl was done,she took her seat and beautician caped her with white cloth. She received a call from housemaid, Keerthana said i am busy, will call you later. Meanwhile Keerthana was attending call, Beautician took her scissors and watered her hair. Housemaid said madam you are again heated. Keerthana said what you are saying. Housemaid said, now only your aunt called that parlour lady and telling her that you will be coming there and while she sits in chair, dont cut her front hair but cut her hair to shoulder length with free flowing short hair at her neck. Keerthana was shocked to hear this. But she felt something around her neck, which was the scissors started reducing her mid-length hair to half he way. She got up from the seat and shouted at her. beautician said, I cant deny your aunt words as she instructed for your shoulder length haircut and beautician said if you go like this it will make you ugly. Better sit and cut your hair.

Keerthana with no other way to escape, felt cheated again , sat on the chair and bent her head down for haircut. Beautician started reducing her hair length. She was almost crying. Beautician reduced her hair
length to her neckline and her whole low back was visible now. Beautician took another pair of small scissors and trimmed her neckline hair. Keerthana asked whether she could get her front haircut now,
beautician said front haircut is only for long hair or mid-length hair girls. For shoulder length, it will make her look bad. Keerthana felt her tears running down her eyes as she touched her hair at the back. Most of her hair was at the beauty parlour floors. She looked at her new look in mirror and started crying. When she left for home, cool breeze started flowing on her hairless neck. She almost looks like bob cut girl with mookuthi on her nose.


  1. Excellent.... and thanks for posting the story.

  2. Keerthana
    The mookuthi looks good with bob cut also. my wife had rettai mookuthi with shaved bald shining head which was sexy.

  3. Keerthana
    The mookuthi looks good with bob cut also. my wife had rettai mookuthi with shaved bald shining head which was sexy.