Saturday, 30 April 2011

Husband is Important Compare to Longhair-Says Kanika

Jeeva working in a pvt concern, and he recently married Kanika. Both of them working in different companies. She is from kerala both of them loved each other before their marriage, but both the family is not accept their love. One fine day they got married without informing their parents and they settled in Chennai. Obviously kerala girls have long hair, so kanika have waist length hair. She maintains her with lot of care. Jeeva also loves her long hair. He also bought lot of natural oils and samphoo’s for her hair.

One day jeeva met with accident, and he admitted in hospital. Kanika cried like anything, because she loves jeeva very much. Both the families not consider jeeva’s condition. But jeeva’s friends and office collogues are helped lot. Then he cured little. He also discharged from hospital. But he is in bedrest for next 2 months as doctor’s instruction. So kanika’s salary only the family income for past 4 months. She prepared food everyday for jeeva and she went to office. Weekend whole day she spends with jeeva.
But this Sunday kanika is starts for office. Jeeva got surprised, and he is asking where she is going. She said, in her office audit is going on so this Sunday she need to work.  Also she said she will be back on lunch. Then jeeva said ok. She also left from house. And 1 pm, Kanika came, she covered her head with saree. First jeeva is not considering this. After some time he look little different with kanika’s face, so he ask kanika to remove her saree in her head. She also removed, jeeva got shocked, because kanika sporting clean shaven head, her long hair is gone. Then kanika said this a vow, when jeeva met accident she prayed to vadapalani muruga temple for her headshave if he cured. So that she went and tonsure her head. Jeeva asking why you are not informing me for your tonsure before. She said if I informed this you will not allow me to tonsure, so that I am not informing you. Jeeva huged kanika and cried, kanika convince her hubby. But jeeva said, you had a waistlegth hair,  you loves very much, every women loves their long hair, but you shaved your head because of me. She said this is not a big thing. Anyway after some time hair will grow but in my point my husband is important compare to my hair. After this incident both of them love life more colourful.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Don't Grow Long Hair

Priyanka is long hair girl, she is an orphan. She maintains her hair carefully. She finished her college and not yet married, she working in Pvt Company. After she joins the company she stayed in women’s hostel. One day she came to her hostel at 8pm, some body pull her in car, and spray something in her face. She felt down in the car. After this incident she is not remember anything. After some time she open her eyes and find out which place she is in but she is not identify anything she scared. She tagged in the chair, her hand and legs are tied. Her mouth also stickled with plaster.

But she tears in eyes and cried a lot. The room is very dark and there is no light. So she feared heavily. After some time one guy came she is not identify his face and voice. He questioned priyanka, how are you? She said what you want kidnapped me? He replied I will release once my wish is over. By the time this guy is touch her shoulder and said you are beautiful, and I want you to make more beautiful, she got confused. He touches her long hair, and said your hair is very beautiful than you, I like your hair, nothing can’t do for priyanka, she cried and said please relieve me, I want to go, what you want, I don’t have much money, I think you wrongly kidnapped me. But he smiled and said no priyanka , I purposely kidnapped you, and I don’t want any money. Again she confused and questioned to this guy, then what you want? You want to my body, pls don’t touch, I am not yet married, so pls don’t do that.

He smiled and said, you have asset I want that, she is asking I don’t have any asset in my name. He mentioned your hair, this is your asset, I want your long and lovely hair. She shocked and said pls don’t do anything my hair. By the time he took the scissor and starts cut her long hair, she cried but he won’t consider this. He cut one side of her hair and said it’s look like very good, and put it in her lap, she watch her long hair in her lap but she can’t do anything. Then he cut again her long hair and put it in to lap again. She is look like ugly in this look, because right side she had very long hair and left side she had very short hair. Then the guy releases her hands and legs, she holds his shirt and asking why you cut my hair, he said, I like your haircut. I will release you now also but your look is very bad, so I will give you scissor and 5 mins time to you if you want you can cut your hair evenly other wise I will drop at in your hostel in this same look. She don’t have option. She touch her long hair and touch her other side of her head it’s look like boycut, so finally she cut othersied also like leftside. Around her full of her long hair. This guy said very good haircut and he also said pls maintain your hair carefully otherwise like me somebody will cut. Then he sprayed in her face and to car and travel to her hostel. Other 1 hr he pour water in her face and said pls get down here your hostel is come.

Then she get the car and hide her head with thupaata and went inside. Then she open her room and sent inside the room and lock the room and seen her face in the mirror and starts crying. Her hair is not cut evenly. It’s look like bad haircut. So finally she decided to go to parlor for a nice haircut. On the way she is thinking who is this guy and why he cut her hair. Then she went to parlor and cut her hair short crop, like boycut and came back to her hostel. Her hostel warden got surprised her look. She said it’s time to change her hair style. Then she again went to her room and she try to remember the guy’s face, finally she remembered the guy. This guy is proposed priyanka longback but she is not accepting his love. So that he took revenge of her. But nothing will happen if she complaint against this guy in police station because this guy is political background. After this she decided she don’t want to grow her long. She wants to maintain her hair short. Her office also all of them surprised her look. She said the same thing to everybody that is she want to change her hairstyle.                                                  

Problems Solved After Tonsure

Sangeetha is newly joined a company. She got married her hubby is in dubai. She had knee length hair. She is from orthodox family so she is not cut her hair, it’s very shiny and long. She is look like a shampoo or hairoil model.  But she vows her hair to tirupathi last year and not yet full filed her vow. She want to shave her head anyway but she joined this company newly, so she had little shy for headshave. So she decided to small cut this year at tirumala, and next year she will shave her head. This her hubby is not accept, he said don’t shave your long hair. Just cut your hair not more than that. But Sangeetha said this is prayer for god, so I don’t want to cheat god, this year I will cut my hair little. But what ever happens next year I will be going bald.

In the weekend she went to tirumala and she cut her hair little and came back to Chennai. It’s look like little trim. So no body not even sees her haircut. After 2 months she met lot of problem in her personal life and official. Her hubby and she is not speak well due to some small misunderstanding. Her office also she transfer to new department, the new manager is very arrogant and angry man. So she can’t tolerate everything. Everyday begins and end with tension. Her colleagues also supported her problems, but everything against her. Nothing in her control, also many times she felt with illness.
And she finally one day she went to her family astrologer. He seen her star and other things, and he finally he asked to sangeetha do you have any pending prayer? Then only she remembered her headshave and she said this to him. Then astrologer said to sangeetha, pls complete your vow immediately, otherwise you and your hubby will face lot of problems in both of your personal and official. Then she accepted what astrologer statement. She came to her home and she is in confusing mind, if she shave her long hair, she will look like very ugly, also her hubby will not happy about her decision. But if she is not complete her tonsure everything will be collapsed. So she finally decided she will tonsure her head this weekend at tirumala without informing her hubby. 
Then the weekend she started to tirumala, 2nd time within the 2 months. Also she don’t want 2 idea for her tonsure. Once she reached to tirumala at 10 am she directly went to kalayanakatta and she bought a token for her tonsure, and stand in the queue, before her 2 male and 1 girl is standing, by the time one girl came and she stand behind sangeetha, she also long hair but not like sangeetha’s thigh hair. She is asking sangeetha, you are going for haircut, sangeetha said no I’m going to shave my head, she surprised and said ohh! You hair is very long and shiny, she replied thanks but everything will gone other ½ an hour, and sangeetha asking and what about you, she said I will cut my hair. By the time the other girl is ready for her haircut. Then only sangeetha realize in this queue she is the only female only going to shave, so she ask the girl to go for her haircut  before her, and she said thanks and move before sangeetha. By the time she loose her long hair and wet with water, and again she stand in the queue. It’s sangeetha’s turn, she sat infront of the barber and she gave the token to barber and she said headshave, then the barber again put two knots and she prayed govinda govinda, then the barber put the knife in her middle of the head, and starts shaving her long hair. Her long hair is fallen in her lap, and the barber continue his headshave in both the side and back side, now she is completely bald, barber once again shave her bald head and said it’s over. Then she touches her bald head first time in her life. And she went to darshan she wears churidhar and she applied sandal in her bald head. Finally she came to Chennai.
Next day she come to office with new bald look, all of her colleagues shocked her look, and some of them touched her bald head. After her tonsure her problems got reduced day by day. Also she informed her tonsure to her hubby. Initially he got angry, and then she convinced her hubby. With in 1 month all of her problem got over. She believes her tonsure is the key for every problem.

Vasundara's Bobcut

Vasundara is studying in 12th std. She had a gorgeous long hair, up to hair thigh. She maintains very well.  Once the examinations got over she starts enjoying her summer holidays.  Her parents want to going to their native. Vasundara also accept this. On the same day her friend sheela came to her house, she had midlength hair. She is going to parlor for her haircut; she asks vasundara to giving company.  Vasundara asks what type of haircut you going this time; she said I am going to cut my hair like boy. Vasundara surprised why you want to cut your hair short, she replied, due to summer I can’t manage my hair, so I really need a short haircut. Then she asks how do you maintains your long hair, vasundara said, what I can do, I like my hair, my mother also told me cut my hair, but I won’t done that.

Sheela asks why you want to grow your hair? She said because I am a young girl, she smiled and replied me too madam, but I am going to cut my hair short. Why this time you are not trying new look, anyways we finished our schooling and we will join any college. So we are going to college with new haircut. But vasundara said no I can’t do that because for the past 4 yrs I used care my hair, every month I will trim my hair not cut. This is my asset. Then sheela said ok, this is your opinion, I don’t want to compel you. All this discussions Vasundara’s mother watch and she is asking, to her daughter, hey vasu if you want cut your hair, this is the time to change your hairstyle, if you want cut it upto your midlength. But she is not accept for this. Then both of them went to parlor, Sheela cut her hair short, she is look like boy, because she is wearing jeans and t shirt with short crop hair. She is feeling happy about her haircut. Vasundara also impress about her haircut.
After 2 days, before starting their native, Vasundara called sheela to her home, she also came. Then vasundara said I am also going to cut my hair, but not short crop, it’s only bobcut. Sheela got surprised this time, what happened to you? She said, it’s really difficult to maintains in this summer, hair loss, dandruff, irritation, itching. But sheela won’t accept no way vasu, because for the past 4 yrs you are facing the same problem, but suddenly this year you want to cut your hair, tell me the correct reason, her mother also happy about her decision, and she is also asking the correct reason. Then Vasundara said, main reason is I am impressed your new look, after your haircut I am double minded for my haircut, but yesterday night only I decided to cut my hair, also the other reasons. Then sheela bring vasundara to the parlor, and she informed the beautician for her bobcut.After ½ an hour vasundara came with new haircut, she is in chic with new haircut. Once she came to her house, her father got surprised her bobcut and he also appreciate her daughter bold decision.
After the summer holidays both of them joined same college. After 2 months sheela went for another haircut. But vasundara not cut her hair she had shoulder length hair. She is planning to cut her hair after 1 or two month. Also she said she want to maintains not more than shoulder length.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Life After the Haircut

Gomathi have long and straight hair, it’s up to her thigh. But she will cut her hair short today. She is not interested to cut her hair. But her situation she need to cut short, she don’t have any option. And she is waiting in the parolor for her haircut. And she is keeping on touch her long hair with nervous mind. Her friend is sitting along with her and she is convincing Gomathi, but she cried all the way. Other girls also watch her tearful eyes and longhair.

Nithya is staying in hostel and she is working in pvt company. She is having gorgeous curly hair. She asks her roommate to cut her long hair upto her neck. Her roommate Vidya shocked her decision, and she is asking the reason for her haircut. But she is not said anything, she said pls cut my hair, I will said the reason after sometime. Vidya got confused her decision. So she asks once again to nithya, is you kidding or really want to cut your hair? Nithya said really I want to cut my hair, so pls  cut my hair upto my neck, and she gave the scissor. She sat infront of the mirror. Vidya confused and get the scissor from nithya, and she comb nithya’s hair properly, then she put the scissor in her neck and she starts cut her long hair. By the time nithya starts crying. But her long hair is gone. She is now bob haircut.
Beautician called Gomathi for haircut, both of them went inside the room, and gomathi sit the chair, her friend inform to the beautician for her haircut. Beautician asks what kind of haircut she needs, her friend said boycut. Then the beautician cover her body with white cloth, and she pour water in her long hair. Then she comb her long hair properly. She took the scissor and starts cutting Gomath’s hair. Her long hair is gone she is in bob haircut. Then she put machine cut in her head, cut it short. All of her hair is gone within 5 mins. She is in boycut. Gomathi watch her new look and cried again. Then both of them leave the place. Gomathi’s friend is asking why you cut your hair short? What is the reason behind it.
Gomathi telling her haircut reason to her friend. Gomathi and Nithya are working in same company they are in the same department. In their department other 3 girls are their, they put bet with gomathi and nithya, the bet is if gomathi got promotion they will cut their hair short, if in their group if anybody got promotion gomathi need to cut her hair short crop and Nithya need to cut her hair bob style. All of them agreed this bet, because Gomathi is the top performer so she thought she will surely get the promotion, but due to some problem gomathi is not get the promotion. The other girl got the promotion. So that both of them done their haircut.
Next day gomathi and nithya reached their office with new look, the other girls are laughing and ragging both. They are not cried by the time, both of them smiled and said, we are now got new life because of your team, otherwise we both maintains longhair. But after our haircut only we realize our beauty. So thanks for your bet. All of them shocked and they don’t have any words.  After this incident, Gomathi and Nithya cut their hair frequently. They maintain boy and bobcut.

Haircut for Confusion

Nisha and Usha are twins. Both of them look like same. Both of them had long and Shiny hair. They maintain very well. Except their parents others can’t identify difficult. Sometimes their parents also confused their who is Nisha and who is Usha. Both of them finished their college, and their parents searching alliance for both. It’s finally they got alliance, for 2 brothers, not twins. And finally they got marriage on with in the two months on the same day.

Both of them hubby got confused their looks. So they finally decided they want change any one’s look.  Elder brother Kumar accept to change her wife’s that is Nisha’s look without Nisha’s confirmation. After this decision Kumar informed to Nisha to cut her hair short like bob or boycut. She got shocked, and said no way, because she loves her hair, and also she is asking for the reason. Kumar said his brother and himself confusing Nisha and usha’s look, so any one need to change their look, so we finally decided to cut your hair, she said I don’t want to cut my hair, pls ask usha to cut.
Next day his brother Shyam ask Usha to cut her hair short. She also shocked about the decision. She is also not accepted this decision.  So all them meet in the evening. Finally Kumar said, we will put ballot for this, who’s name is coming in the ballot they need to cut their hair short. Both the sisters not accept for this. But Kumar and Shyam ordered for this and they mentioned both her names in the sheet and put it in to one small box, and they ask neighbor’s son to take one sheet. He also did the same thing.
In the sheet Nisha’s name is come. Nisha started crying, Usha convince her sister and said kumar to not to cut Nisha’s hair, plan any other way, but both the brothers not accepted, and said tomorrow is the last day to for haircut, if she is not cut her hair, we will shave any one’s head without their permission. Both of them got shocked about their decision. So finally Nisha said ok for her haircut. And also Kumar said Nisha need to maintains the same haircut for future also.
Next day morning Nisha and Kumar went to parlor for her haircut. Kumar inform to the beautician for boycut to Nisha. Nisha said she don’t want boycut she can ok for bobcut, but he said no way. By the time beautician ask nisha to sit in the chair. She sat in the chair, beautician comb her  long hair, and took scissor and she put it into her neck and starts cut her hair shortly, she hide her face with her two hands and crying. Her long hair gone, she is now in now in chin length hair. Then the beautician starts cutting her front and both sides properly, and backside she put machine and she cut her hair very short. Kumar satisfied her short haircut. And finally her haircut is over. Beautician said its completed, she open her eyes and look at her face in mirror, she couldn’t recognize. One boy is sat in the chair. She touch her head, it’s all of her long hair gone. Then she came to kumar. Kumar said you are awesome, so pls maintain same kind of hair length.
Then both of came to home, Usha got shocked her sister’s haircut, and she said sorry to Nisha. Nisha said this is not your fault, what we can do for this. Not a problem because of my sister’s hair I sacrifice my hair. So you don’t worry, suddenly Usha hug her sister and both of them cried. After her haircut both the family happily running their lives, there is no confusion about their look. Nisha maintains her hair boycut only. But Usha cut her knee length to Mid length for Nisha. Her hubby also not said anything for her haircut. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sunitha's Tonsure

Sunitha is studying 11th STD; she had gorgeous and long hair. Everyday she wearing 2 sides braids and went to school.  3 yrs before she maintains her hair with nice bobcut, but once she finishes her 7th std, her parents not allow her to cut her hair. Initially she feels bad for her growing her hair, but once she grow her hair mid length she herself like her longhair. Because her hair very shiny and long. Everybody in her school jealous about her hair. She also have head weight about her longhair. The annual examinations are finished all of her friends are happy for their 2 months summer holidays. So on the school final day everybody chat with each other, all of them talking about vacation plan. Sunitha said I don’t have any vacation, because next year is very important for me, so I will join any coaching class.

After their long discussion everybody left the school. Sunitha come to her house, her mother asking about her exams she said she wrote excellently surely she will pass. So her parents are happy. Then she asks her parents for any summer vacation trip. They said they are planning to tirupathi for tomorrow, she is asking why we going to tirupathi, they said because of your tonsure. Actually we are planning your headshave next year, but next your you will join any college, so it’s not look good to join college with bald head, that’s why we proponed our trip. Sunitha got shocked her father’s decision, she said no chance daddy, because I had long hair, I don’t want to lose my hair, but her father said this order, because already we vow your hair to tirupathi. That’s why we are not allowing you to cut your hair for the past 3 years. She fight with her parents but her father said we are starting tomorrow morning and finish your headshave and come to Chennai then you can join any coaching class. Sunitha cried whole night, her mother convince her for tonsure.
Next day morning her father mother and sunitha starts their trip to tirupathi. On the way also she is ask her father for not shaving her head, but he is not convince. They reached at afternoon, and they went to cottage and refresh. And 2 pm her father ask sunitha and her mother for tonsure. So both of them started. They reached kalyanakatta her father bought tonsure token  for sunitha, not for her mother tonsure, her mother asks her father I will also shave my head, but I don’t want sunitha’s headshave, she can cut her hair, but he said no way, we came for her tonsure only, so don’t convince me for this. After that he ask sunitha to stand in the queue. Before her 3 of them waiting for their tonsure, but all of them men, she is the only girl in the queue, so she had nervous about her headshave, but behind her one female with 35 yrs waiting for her tonsure, she had midlength hair, she wet her hair, her father ask sunitha to wet her hair, She also done the same thing. Her hair is very long upto her thigh.
Then another 5 mins sunitha’s turn, she sat in front of the barber, her father gave the tonsure token to the barber, then he pour water in her long hair, and put two knots, her father asks pray “govinda , Govinda” she also said the same. By the time barber put halfblade in the knife and start shave her middle of the head, Sunitha bend her head and crying a lot, her lap full of her long hair, but he doing the headshave sincerely, another 2 mins sunitha went bald. Then she touch her bald and come back to her parents, and she is cries and asks her parents, “so both of them happy” her mother cover her bald with thupatta, but she remove the thupatta with little angry. Then they went to darshan, and came back to Chennai. After this also she is not believe her she finish her tonsure, all the way she cried a lot.
Next week she joined coaching class, and next 2 months she studied. After 2 months her school got opened, she went to school with bald head, but she had very short hair, all of her friends and teachers also shocked her bald look. And asking about her headshave, she said, I can’t concentrate my studies due to maintain such a long hair, so that’s why I shaved my head. Everybody appreciate her decision. Then onwards she grow her hair very short only, after her tonsure she is not speak to her father, she maintains boycut style for the whole year.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Pranitha's Sweet Memory

Pranitha is working in private company, she got married last year, and after her marriage also she continued her work. She had gorgeous long and thick hair, because she maintains well. In her office everybody praise her hair. She had proud about her longhair. One of her collogue is 2 days before short her longhair, she surprised and said why you cut your such a longhair, she said it’s difficult to maintain longhair for working women, but pranitha said I am also working along with you but still I’m maintaining longhair, this is my passion and interest. She said that’s correct, but it’s difficult for me also I want to change my look.

After this discussion 2 weeks later pranitha felt with chicken pox, so she is on leave for 3 weeks. All of her collogues came and see her health condition. Her manager also extended her leave for 2 weeks again, because she is not took any unwanted leave for the past 3 yrs. But pranitha said to her manager I don’t want extra 2 weeks leave anyway I’m ok now. So I will be back on next Friday. So her manager also said ok. She also came Friday, with little tiredness, so her manager asks her leave early and comeback on Monday. So she went to half day. Monday morning pranitha is come, with little surprise. What is that????
Everybody in her office shocked her look, she is wearing pink colour churidhar, and she covered her head with thupatta. Once she enters the office everybody came and ask to remover her thuppata, she also removes, she is with clean shaven head. Then her friends are asking “hey what happened to you, why you shave your long hair? Is there any vow? She calmly said, “No” and said due to my health condition I shaved my head. Her friend’s are little confused, and they asking the reason clearly.
Pranitha said, when I felt with chickenpox, due to heat, so we consulted with our family doctor last week, when I went early on Friday, he suggested me to shave my head, because of such a long hair the heat will not control, also he said I want to maintain my hair very short for couple of years. Initially I am not accepted for this, but our doctor my hubby and my parent’s compulsion I decided to cut my hair or shave my head. My hubby preferred for headshave, So I am planning to trip for tirupathi or palani for my headshave, but I’m unable to travel this kind of situation so my hubby said pls shave your head at local saloon, and also suggested he will carry my hair to tirupathi or palani.
My hubby want to bring any barber for my headshave at my home, but nobody accept for coming to for tonsure, so finally yesterday early morning my hubby bring to near by local saloon. And I finish my headshave at the local saloon itself. And my hubby went to tirupathi after my headshave for put my hair. Also my hubby suggested me for shave my head after 2 months. Everybody got shocked her decision, and her friend is asking you are the role model for haircare, but now you are the bald lady in our entire office. We can’t believe this sudden change. Pranitha said yes what you people can said is correct, in my headshave I cried a lot, because I lose my long hair, also I will not grow my hair for 2 years. I beauty is gone. But everybody convince pranitha, don’t cry what ever happened you are the beauty queen of our office, because after your headshave also you are beautiful with your bald head. Then only she stopped her crying and she smiled. Then nobody not rags about her bald head. After 2 months also she shaven her head. She don’t want grow her hair boycut length also for the 2 years, then her family doctor told no problem you can grow your hair. Then only  she grow her hair, but she maintains her hair with boycut style. But she had sweet memories about her longhair everyday.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nithya Sacrifice for Divya

Nithya and Divya are sisters. Nityis a is elder and her age is 28 her sister Divya age is just 22 she studied in engg college final year at Coimbatore, nithya is working in pvt company. Her parents died in accident in the age of 20 then she started working for her younger sister.  Because of her sister she is not thinking about her marriage. In the final year examinations completed, Divya came to Chennai . But nitya got shocked divya’s look, because she cuts her long hair and she is bobcut.  Nitya asking divya’s haircut, she said because of long hair I can’t concentrate my studies, also it’s difficult to maintain such a long hair. That’s hy I cut my hair short. Then only nithya got convinced. But Nithya had longhair, and she maintains properly.

Nitya also happy once divya came she also took 1 week leave for her sister. They spend lot of time with each others. After 3 days nithya said we are going to palani today. Divya asking why we are going to palani, she replied I have some prayer. Then Divya said ok. That day night both of them started to palani, and they reached in the next day morning. Then Nithya book a room for staying. Then they refresh themselves and after 1 hour they went to temple.
In temple Nithya bought a ticket for headshave. Divya got shocked, and asking to her sister why you bought tosure token and I am not going to tonsure my head, but nithya smiled and said this not for your headshave, I had a vow, if you finish your studies, I will tonsure my head. Divya surprised and cried and hug her sister and pls don’t shave your head, because you are not married yet,  also you have a longhair. But nithya said no chance I want to fulfill my vow otherwise our health conditions will go down, then she said ok then buy one more token for me too, I am also going shave my head, nithya said, no way, because you are a young girl, so I will not allow you to shave your head, if you have long hair, I will allow for small haircut, but you cut your hair short, so I will fulfill my vow. So divya don’t have words and she is not stop her sister’s decision. Then they went to tonsure place, nithya loose her longhair, and wet her hair with water, then she gave the token to barber, and she sat infront of the barber.
Barber put halfblade in the knife and he took razor and he started to shave nithya’s middle head, Divya is watching everything and she is not control her feelings so she crying a lot.  But nothing will not stop nithya’s  headshave,  because already she half bald head, her long hair is in her lap. Barber continuing his work, he shaved her both the sides and backside, she completely bald in few minutes. Her lap full of her long hair, then she stand and touch her bald head and she satisfied her headshave. And divya touch her sister’s bald head and once again she hugs nithya with tearing eyes. Nithya convince Divya, nothing happened; I just gave my hair for my lovely sister also I am happy with my bald head and because of you I can shave my head every year that is not my big concern, you don’t worry. Then both of them went to temple and came back to Chennai. 

Kavitha's Medium Boycut - Story Posted by Amazing2085

Kavitha finished college 1st year few days back. In her home, they had to daily braid kavitha in college days as she had long hair. So they planned within all members that kavitha should be given short haircut.
Some suggested she can be given shoulder length haircut. But her aunt suggested she can be given be boy cut hairstyle so that we need not comb her long hair. They hinted at this idea to Kavitha who like her long hair very much. Kavitha argued she wont cut her hair. They scolded her for not agreeing for haircut. After a lot of arugments, her aunt told morning 10 am, we will be going to parlour for boy cut hair of yours. Kavitha saw her over mirror and seeing her long hair finally.

Kavitha went with her aunt to a ladies beauty parlour around 11 o clock. She didn’t speak to her aunt on that day as she was fed up of losing her long hair. When they went in, Kavitha hands were shivering thinking about haircut and how she will look after. Two seats were there. One girl was being given yebrow threading. Another girl was trimming her hair. Kavitha asked she too would trim and leave the parlour.By that time, threaded girl left the parlour and beautician asked what needs to be done for this girl.Her aunt said,cut it short like boy cut. Kavitha started to cry as she had no choice .Beautician asked very short  boy cut or medium boy cut. Her aunt said medium boy cut.
Kavitha with red churidar and inverted tupatta had tied her hair in ponytail.  She went and sat in the chair. Beautician put a white cloth and tied it at her neck. Kavitha had tears running down. She sprayed
 water on her thick and long hair. Her aunt said she should look like boy when she gets down.Beautician said dont worry she will be shortened as much as possible. Beautician made kavitha neck to bend down.
 Kavitha was crying down with tears. Then she took scissors.chick..chick..chick..The sound of scissors heard by kavitha was making her shivering. Beautician made her ponytail half the length. Within 2 minutes,She gave two ponytails cut from her long hair to aunt. Her aunt smiled and took it in her bag. Kavitha had her hair upto shoulder where she had her ponytail tied previously. She had her bob cut  hairstyle now .Kavitha said to beautician please leave like this, i am ok with bob cut, don’t cut it too short.

 Her aunt and beautician bended her head down and her loose bob hair was cut. As she had a deep neck cut in her chudi previously, now it became visible and neck is being shown now. Then beautician came
 front and started to cut her front loose hair. Then Kavitha was made to turn left side and beautician clippered her side burns and her ears became visible. She was turned to right side and her hair was shortened around ears.Her aunt came near the chair and said it keep this thickness and trim it at ends.

Kavitha did not see her face in the mirror till then. Now when she saw, she started touching her hair back and checked her length and shocked to see no hair at her neck. Meanwhile beautician trimmed her back
 hair and made it straight like boys back hair. Then she came front and started combing her hair front and cut the length and made some hair to be shown in the front. Then she was shortened at her ears both left and right.  Her aunt came near the chair and asked could you remove the hair on her face? Beautician said, shall i do threading?  No, can you shave her side burns and face. Kavitha said please leave me, i don’t like  shaving my face. Her aunt said, if you don’t like shaving your face, she will shave your  head. Kavitha said please shave my face. Then beautician took a razor and started shaving her side burns around her ears. She made kavitha head to lie on the chair head and started shaving her face. Kavitha  felt the pain of razor on her dry skin. She was totally humiliated in the process. Then beautician applied powder on her visible neck and shaved face. Kavitha finally got down and felt her short hair with her hands.  Her aunt paid 100 rs to beautician and Kavitha's visible neck with boy cut was seen by everyone on the way to home. She started to enjoy her short haircut finally after few days.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rohini's Haircut is her Enemy

Rohini has waist length hair. She maintains very well due to her parents completion, but she is not interested to maintain such a longhair. So every time she asks her parents for her haircut, but they won’t allow. And they said after your marriage you can cut your hair with your husband permission. Otherwise don’t cut your hair. So she is waiting for her marriage. She got married after 7 months. After her marriage she settled in UK.  Rohini asks her hubby for her haircut, he said pls don’t cut your hair, because I very much like your longhair, that why I marry you. Again she fails her wish. But frequently she is asking her haircut, but her hubby is not allowed. Also he said if you cut your hair without my permission, pls stay with your parents don’t come back to me.
After her long waiting dream is come, because her hubby asking her birthday gift, she asking for her haircut, so he don’t have choice. Finally he accepts her haircut, but he said don’t cut short pls maintain midback, but she said no way it’s already boring to maintain longhair so I want to cut my hair shoulder length. After her convince he accept for her bobcut.  Rohini informed to her parents for her haircut. They said if your hubby accepts we are ok for that. Then her hubby spoke rohini’s parents.  Before her birthday she went to parlour with her hubby and she came back with bobcut. She is very happy with her new look.  Some of her neighbour’s also Indians so they are surpised her look and they praised her haircut. Then she maintains her hair bob style only after this.
After 1 year her hubby and rohini came to india to meet their families. They also surprised her look. But her mother in law said, about their tirupathi visit, because some vow is pending. So after a week everybody went to tirupathi, on the way her hubby inform to rohini for tonsure her head, she got shocked, and she said she don’t want to shave her head, but he said this is my mother’s decision, because of your headshave only we came to india and tirupathi, She shocked again and asking why you are not inform me before this, he said if I inform about your headshave you will not coming to india, that’s why I inform now. After this she spoke to her parents for tonsure, they said we can’t convince your mother in law so pls shave your head and complete the vow. She is crying like anything all these things watching her mother in law, but she is not considering anything.
Finally they went to kalyanakatta, her hubby bought 2 tokens for headshave, then they went to stand in the queue, she is nervous about her tonsure, but she don’t have choice, her hubby said, this is the situation I’m there before your birthday, because you are asking permission for your haircut, I don’t have choice, if you are not cut your hair that time I will convince my mother, and just a little cut for your long hair, but when you bobbed your hair my mother got angry so she informed your tonsure. Then only rohini feels badly, her haircut going to enemy. By the time her hubby finish his tonsure, and he said pls wet your hair, then she wet her hair and sat in front the barber, he also pour some water and massage her hair, and he trying to put knot but he couldn’t  due to her shorthair. Then he inserts half blade in the knife and started shaving her middle of the head. She started crying, but no one is stop her tonsure, because she already half bald, another 2 mins she completely bald.  Then she came to her hubby with bald head, he touch her bald head and said you are beautiful with this bald head, if you want pls maintain this look. She got angry and said no way this is the 1st and last I shaved my head, now onwards I will maintain my hair like boycut. After her tonsure everybody of her family members touch her bald and comment about her look. So she got irritated. Her hubby applied sandal in her bald head.
After 2 days they went to UK again, her neighbour’s are shocked her bald look. She said this is a vow, that’s why I shave my head, they appreciate her bold decision.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Meena's Trasformation - Story Posted by Sandeep

Meena was Village girl who had recently got married to Ramesh ,Ramesh was manager in big MNC company in the cty and after marriage both of them had moved into flat in the city Meena was typical village girl who dressed like a villager her sari style was that of villager ,her hair was always plaited and she always looked like traditional girl .Ramesh had agreed to his parents' choice but he always wanted he wanted his wife to be modern since they lived in city and he was working in MNC but meena never agreed to this and she continued to dress in traditional way.

One day in Ramesh `s office there was party and all office people were invited along with families .Meena also went there along with Ramesh ,Therein party everyone spoke in English and meena was not that fluent in English and was always feeling left out later on ladies in party gathered in one corner and
started discussing things like dress ,fashion etc but meena was always quite ,then time came for dinner and then mena didn't' know which dish to eat first and how to eat in spoon and fork and she suddenly made the food spill on her body and everyone looked around and saw mean in mess ,Ramesh also got very angry and took her back home and once they reached home he scolded her for not behaving properly n fro of others , meena felt very bad and started to cry later on Ramesh don't worry from tomorrow star learning to behave like city lady .
Next day Ramesh went to his neighbor prema ,prema was a middle age lady living in city from log time but she was initially from same village of Ramesh so hence they had become friends ,he explained problem to her and prema said that within one month she will make mean modern and then prema came to meet meena , mean was still upset and she said she will do anything to learn then from that day
everyday prema used to come to meena's house and teach her various things like how to behave in parties how eat food in parties how to serve food to guests etc then prema told meena next day they must go shopping and buy new clothes for meena and she must get used to wearing clothes like kurthis ,tops trousers and jeans ,meena agreed and they went and bought new clothes and slowly mean started to wear them and get adjusted now even Ramesh was happy but prema said one more thing is left ,meena asked what and prema said her hairstyle needs to be changed as well and she needed to be in boy cut initially meena was shocked but she remembred how angry Ramesh was in party and so agreed to it as well .

Next day prema and meena went to parlour this was first time meena had come to parlour first prema went inside and spoke to beautician and later on called meena inside , meena was made to sit on chair and her plait was removed and her hair was wetted and cloth was put around her neck then beautician told meena tha she will cover mirror and she wil see herself only after haircut , then meena felt sensation of scissors and her back side hair was cut off till  shoulder length and her hair was on ground she was now in bob cut prema who was sitting near her smiled at meena and told her everything will be fine later on beautifcian started cutting on the sides and her hair fell on her shoulder then beautician further cut her hair short on her back and took machine and shaved her neck , only front side was left so beautician asked meena to bend in front and then stated cutting until her hair was cropped then beautician later on
combed her hair like boycut and now she saw herself in mirror she was shocked but happy then she and prema came back to their her flat and Ramesh was also happy to meena in new lok later on other people in flat also saw meena and were surprised by her look .

After few weeks in Ramesh `s flat mean and Ramesh organized party for Ramesh `s office friends now meena had become fully modern and Ramesh friends and wives were shocked to see transformation of meena into total city girl now she had totally got adjusted into city clothes and boycut.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Keerthana Front Haircut - Story Posted by Amazing2085

Keerthana was a homely girl. She was in her first year of college. But she always wore her mid-length hair in two braids like school girls. She wore most often pavadai-shirt and her pretty look made her
neighbours jealous. She had one desire that she want to cut her front hair like bangs or feather cut which
is more stylish. But she stayed in her uncle and aunt's house who had a housemaid for household work.Housemaid used to speak freely with keerthana as both of same age and she used to get some confidential information from housemaid happening in her home.She was asking them permission for going to parlour and cutting her front hair stylishly. But they both not let her do it as they felt girls are not subjected to go to parlour.Keerthana always felt they both dont like her beauty to be enhanced.

After an year finally,when she was in 1st year holidays. Her aunt said i will take you to nearby parlour and you can cut your hair as you wish. Keerthana really felt her wish was nearby to be fulfilled. Her aunt as she said told next sunday we can cut your hair, Keerthana was happy and was touching her hair and playing with it thinking she can have it stylish front hair next week. She was taken to parlour and was waiting.The parlour speciality was they have a achari who sits outside the parlour for girls who wish to pierce their ears,nose.If any girl comes for haircut and piercing, beautician will cut her hair and achari will pierce her nose. Keerthana was unaware of it. Her aunt said, Keerthana please wait inside the parlour, I will come within 5 minutes.She went outside and came in and called keerthana.Please sit here and do whatever he says. She asked i want my hair cut in parlour, not here. Her aunt said, he is not going to cut your hair. He is going to put mookuthi for you. You have to pierce your nose. She became tensed was about to get up but her aunt slapped and made her sit. Meanwhile achari put a red hot needle in her nose. Keerthana shouted and everyone in street started to see her. Keerthana could not bear the pain and she screamed,shouted in pain. Blood and tears were running down.She was given a round golden mookuthi glittering on her nose. Keerthana asked why you cheated me? Her aunt said, as a college girl, you have to pierce your nose not hair being cut. Keerthana went to her house and didnt come out for a week as pain was unbearable and she felt shy seeing others. Her uncle was kidding her on mookuthi and she felt shy speaking to guys especially. One fine day, she was speaking with her housemaid, when she said last week your aunt and uncle were discussing to surpress you and make your nose pierced. They made a plan to cheat you. So she said unless you ask again for haircut and they say ok, never accept if they take you to parlour. After a month passed away, Keerthana saw a actress in tv with front haircut and her desire rose again. Slowly she pleaded her aunty to permit her to get her haircut. Her aunt said after discussing with uncle, she will let her know. Keerthana said as i put mookuthi as you wished, please permit for haircut.

Few days later, she was given a happy news that she was given permission for haircut finally. This time she said, I will go myself to parlour, so i cant get cheated. Her aunt said ok. Keerthana woke up the next day and started preparing herself for long time desire. She was so pretty with her mookuthi now. If she
cuts her front hair, she will look more beautiful she thought. As there were only two parlours in her area, she was to go the second parlour as other parlour has achari in front of it. He might see her and force
her to pierce earlobes or other side nose she thought.She took her mobile phone and went around 11 o clock in the morning. Her aunt wished her for good haircut. She walked to parlour which is 20 mins away from home. She was very happy and she didnt care the distance to be walked. She went to parlour. There was another girl getting her eyebrows done. So she was told to wait for some time. When the girl was done,she took her seat and beautician caped her with white cloth. She received a call from housemaid, Keerthana said i am busy, will call you later. Meanwhile Keerthana was attending call, Beautician took her scissors and watered her hair. Housemaid said madam you are again heated. Keerthana said what you are saying. Housemaid said, now only your aunt called that parlour lady and telling her that you will be coming there and while she sits in chair, dont cut her front hair but cut her hair to shoulder length with free flowing short hair at her neck. Keerthana was shocked to hear this. But she felt something around her neck, which was the scissors started reducing her mid-length hair to half he way. She got up from the seat and shouted at her. beautician said, I cant deny your aunt words as she instructed for your shoulder length haircut and beautician said if you go like this it will make you ugly. Better sit and cut your hair.

Keerthana with no other way to escape, felt cheated again , sat on the chair and bent her head down for haircut. Beautician started reducing her hair length. She was almost crying. Beautician reduced her hair
length to her neckline and her whole low back was visible now. Beautician took another pair of small scissors and trimmed her neckline hair. Keerthana asked whether she could get her front haircut now,
beautician said front haircut is only for long hair or mid-length hair girls. For shoulder length, it will make her look bad. Keerthana felt her tears running down her eyes as she touched her hair at the back. Most of her hair was at the beauty parlour floors. She looked at her new look in mirror and started crying. When she left for home, cool breeze started flowing on her hairless neck. She almost looks like bob cut girl with mookuthi on her nose.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Renuka lost Bet and Hair

Renuka married Girish, she is a working women. She working in private company. She had a long and thick hair upto her waist. She loves her hair lot. Girish also knows about this. But he won’t like her long hair. He want renuka with short hair like boycut or bobcut. But she is not accepted this. So girish is planning to make her for short haircut.One Friday night they went to dinner and they chat and laugh for something. That time girish playing some bet with renuka. The bet is Renuka need to learn driving with in 2 months and drive their car, if renuka wins girish will present a new car. If she loses she needs to sacrifice her hair. Once renuka heard this bet she can’t accepts for this. So she said pls change something, because I don’t want to lose my long hair. But Girish said no chance if you wins you will get a new car, otherwise I will bring you to the parlour and cut your hair for my wish.
Finally she accepted this bet, and next she joined driving school and learns driving, she doesn’t want to cut her hair.  So everyday she drives 4 hrs, morning and evening. After 2 months the day is come, girish gave his car key and said pls drive. She confidently drive the car by the time one dog suddenly cross the road, she shocked and she can’t control the car so some small accident happened. But there is no major injury for both or others in the road. All of them safe including the dog. But she cried a lot. Girish try to convince renuka, but she won’t accept. Then girish driving the car and they went to their home. Girish said so you lose the bet, pls ready for your haircut, she is not replied for this. She calmly felt the bed and starts crying.
Next day is Sunday, girish is calling renuka, she came with nervous face, he said pls come with me for parlour, she said this is not my mistake dog suddenly cross the road and I can’t control the car that’s why the accident is happened, otherwise I drive properly, he said if you can’t control the car means you are not drive properly. So obviously you lose the bet. She is started crying.  So both of them went to parlor.  Girish spoke to the beautician something about renuka’s haircut. She said ok and she called renuka inside the room, and ask us to sit the chair. She also sat the chair, and she is asking the beautician what her hubby told to her. She said cut your hair short like boycut. She again started crying. Beautician convince renuka, don’t worry madam, if you cut your hair you are look awesome so pls try for your newlook. But she is not consider her words.
Then the beautician combing her long hair, and she covered her body with cloth, and spray some water in her hair and again she combing properly, renuka close her eyes and she don’t want to see her haircut. Then the beautician took the scissor and start cut her hair. First she cut her hair very short upto her chin. Renuka’s long hair is gone in 10 seconds, without her permission. Then she put some machine in her backside of her hair, and put closely, so backside looklike boyish, then she cut her front side of her hair. And make it like crop hair, and both the side she cut her hair shortly, another 5 mins she finish her haircut. Then she combing her hair properly. Finally beautician said to renuka, mam your haircut is over, she slowly open her eyes and look her face in the mirror she is not recognize her face, one guy is sat in the chair. She shocked her look, but she nothing will be happen. Then she open the door and came infront of her hubby, Girish enjoyed her new look and said ohh!! You are awesome, I don’t have words for appreciate your haircut. By the way I am gonna present a new car for you, because you sacrifice your hair, so both of the lose and both of them won the bet. But renuka is not spoke anything then both of them went to their home. But renuka is not speak to girish for the past 3 days. Girish got irritated, finally he spoke to what happened to you, you are not going to office and spoke to me for 3 days. She is not answer for this also. Again and again he ask the question, then she said, girish you finish your wish, you are not consider my decision, then why the hell I want to speak, also I can’t go to office with the haircut, pls buy some wig, but he said pls you are awesome with this haircut, so don’t care about anything.  After some lot of convincing words she finally speak to girish. Next day she went to office with her new look. Everybody shocked and surprised her haircut, also praised her newlook. And they are asking reason for her haircut. She said I want to change my hairstyle because it’s difficult to maintain such a longhair. That’s why I cut it short. But she crying inside.

Bhuvana's Haircut for Attitude Change - Part 1 Story Posted by Amazing2085

Bhuvana was a college going girl.She wont respect her elders itself. Her adamant attitude was irritating her uncle who takes care of her in her home. She is a beautiful girl with long hair upto butt length. She looked more traditional with her long hair.Her look in saree with long hair was really appreciated by everyone in her college and she was really proud of herlong hair. She used to comb her long hair daily after washing it. She used to have a loose hair tied at her neck.She was doing her third year college. When her uncle and friends felt her attitude was arrogant in
both home and college and poor in studies was mainly due to long hair caring done by her.

Meanwhile her friend who used to come home often, Kavitha who is more trendy with shoulder length haircut too felt the same. One fine day,she was speaking to her uncle. Her uncle said tell any idea to make bhuvana realise she is doing too much nowadays. Kavitha said we can make her hair cut off short. SO that she can change her attitude and take care of studies.So they devised a plan to make bhuvana to fall for this trap. Meanwhile Bhuvana too failed in her third
year exams and showed her marks to heruncle.Her uncle decided this is the right day she should be punished. So he said Bhuvana, If you want to continue your studies, better cut your hair. Bhuvana didnt mind it and went out. But her college fees deadline was nearby, she asked her
uncle to pay. But he said if you cut all your hair short, then fees will paid. Bhuvana said she cant and pleaded her uncle.Repeated pressure made her say ok but she asked how much length hair will be cut ? He said medium length hair like v cut but it depends on her marks in coming tests. If she fails again it will go to shoulder length bob. She looked shocked meanwhile. If she again fails, she will be given boy cut short hair. She started to cry hearing this but she felt confident that she would pass in future so she said ok i accept what you say.Her uncle said you might pierce your nose also as a punishment for being arrogant. She didnt accept but he said I will make ready for your haircut and piercing this sunday. be ready bhuvana to face things.

Her uncle called Bhuvana's friend and told what happened.Her friend said i will call my local beautician to bhuvana's home for haircut on sunday. Her uncle too said I will call achari on sunday to pierce her nose. Meanwhile Bhuvana felt she was caught and felt bad about her haircut and pain of piercing nose.She was not sleeping that week thinking about her forced haircut.
On Sunday,bhuvana wore a blue saree with small flowers printed on it and a gold chain and hanging gold earrings.She was seeing her long hair finally without much cut onto it and her nose without being pierced.Her uncle made her to sit in the inner portion of her house which had no
roof over it in a chair. Bhuvana finally pleaded her uncle for not getting haircut to medium length and she told she would get a trim and she doesnt wants pierce nose fearing the pain. Her uncle said no you have to do the things as i say. bhuvana said ok will do as you say cryingly. Achari came and bhuvana was made to sit on the floor. Her uncle said, pierce bhuvana's right side nose and put a mookuthi for her. Achari asked her to bear the pain. Bhuvana said please leave me. i dont like these things. Meanwhile, achari heated a sharp needle red hot and touched her skin.
Bhuvana started to scream and it started piercing her nose. Tears ran down her eyes and a hole was put in her nose. Blood was oozing out and she started crying. Achari took a mookuthi and tried to push it through her newly pierced hole in her nose. She was screaming like anything as she wore a mookuthi and took rest to feel out the pain for an hour. Her uncle called Bhuvana's friend and asked where is beautician. She said she could not come as she is busy with her parlour
customers. Her uncle got angry and was telling bhuvana your haircut might not go oday. Bhuvana was happy that her hair is not going to be cut. 

But achari who was about to leave said, sir i know barber work too and has cut many ladies hair in their home. Bhuvana was shocked to hear this. Her uncle said i want her butt length hair to
be cut into mid length with v-cut and her front hair cut like feather cut which will be like boy's front hair raised up stylishly.Barber said its ok and please tell madam to sit on the chair. Bhuvana was feeling the pain of piercing her nose and losing her hair. She sat in the chair.Barber took his scissors and water drizzler with him. Her uncle asked barber where is the cape or cloth for her haircut. He said it is ok sir, not much hair will fall on her dress. Bhuvana with her right nose pierced was drizzled water on her hair. She started crying. Then barber took partitions of her back hair and tied it as a bun at the back. He came front and combed all of her front hair on her forehead as her bangs and covered her full face. She felt odd to cut her hair with male barber. Her uncle said make her look different from now. She should feel for it. Barber said ok sir. He started to cut of her front hair sideways to half and cut her connecting hair between front and back bun and she was almost shaved at that hairline so that her bald head is visible for narrow length. Her front haircut is over. And she was combed her front hair stylishly to feather cut. She looked more boyish after this front hair cut. Her uncle said she look stylish after haircut. Bhuvana, by this time started realising she was totally attacked by her uncle. Then barbed bended her head to front and took his scissors and started to level her butt length hair which had more split ends. Bhuvana said, please leave my hair length she is ok with her front haircut. Her uncle said no please cut off her hair upto mid length. Small strands of bhuvana's hair fell on the floor. Bhuvana could see those hair strands on the floor. She started to cry again for her haircut. Barber measured some inches from her butt length hair and cut all of her hair straight upto mid
length.So she will have her v-cut which starts at almost shoulder length on top and ends at mid-length hair. Barber followed more traditional ways of haircut in v-shape. He took an scale and
comb and started cut her left v shape. Lot of hair fell on the floor. Her uncle took it and showed it to bhuvana. bhuvana once again started weeping and feeling the pinch. Barber could not make it properly for v shape as bhuvana started to shake a little bit. Barber shouted at bhuvana for making his job tougher. Bhuvana sat correctly and barber took the scale and combed her right side v-shape.He cut her hair in perfect v-shape and almost half of her back hair is now lost.
Bhuvana was wetted with water on her hair Barber started to trim final ends on v-cut and asked her uncle whether she needs to get her hair trimmed in side-burns near her ear. Her uncle said if she fails again in her next test,she will go for all shoulder length haircut and side burns shaved. Her right side piercing will be taken out and left side nose will be pierced to feel the pain of beauty. Will bhuvana fail again and cut her hair short upto shoulder length, her next one is more severe which is boy cut which is more short ??? Read part 2.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Bald Suji

Sujitha is joined new company, her age is 26 and she got married 4 yrs before, she had girl baby with 2 yrs. When she joined 3 months before only she shaved her head. Everybody introduced their self with sujtitha in the new office. After 2 weeks she easily mingle with everybody. Her best friend is Girija and vidya. Lunch and break she spends more time with these to employees. They called sujitha as bald suji, but sujitha won’t like this name, she said don’t call me bald, because before my shave I had long hair, I just vow my hair, but they said we have already 1 sujitha, she had long hair, we just want to put unique name, so don’t bother about this, after this everybody called sujitha as bald suji. She frustrate about this name, she had short crop hair, for the past 3 months. After 6 months she had shoulder length hair, but she again cut her hair like boy, her friends is asking why you cut your hair, she replied, anyway you people called me bald suji, why I want to grow my hair also its summer season, that’s why I cut it short.
Next week she shows her marriage honeymoon photos and her tonsure photos to her collegues, the surprised her longhair. She also eager to grow her hair long after this incident, so she is not interesteled to cut her hair. She grown her for next 1 ½ yrs. She had a waist length hair, also she straightened her hair, it’s cost 7k. So it’s very long, everything changed now her office staff’s are calling sujitha as longhair suji after this.
But after 3 months all of their sudden she shaved her head again, she came with bald head. Her friends are asking sujitha why you shaved your head, because 3 months before only you straightened your hair and you spend 7k for this. It’s totally waste. She replied, yes correct, but what I can do, because I want to grow my hair very long that’s why I straightened my hair, but after this my hair is falling like anything due to allergy, so I consulted beautician they said, I want cut my hair short or shave my head otherwise within 6 months entire hair is gone. Then only I decided to shave my head, and I went last Friday tirupathi, and I tonsure my head and cameback. Also I’m not interest for hair straightning. But her office friends are said, in our office lot of girls straightened their head, but they don’t have any problem, why because you. She said I don’t know about this, beautician said this allergy problem is coming only 1% girl, it’s time for me. What I can do?. Then again everybody calling sujitha as bald suji.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Vidya's Sudden Change

Vidya  got married, she is working in private company. Her hair is her special, because  it’s curly and it’s upto her hip. And it’s very thick. She maintain her hair properly. She loves her hair lot. She went on leave for 1 week. After her leave she came with short haircut, that is not bobcut but her hair is upto her shoulderlength. Everybody got shocked and asked about her haircut, she said it’s a vow, and she cut her hair at tirupati.

Her friend Sujitha chat with something she also asked about the samething with vidya, she said she went to tirupati and her hubby want to vow her hair that’s why she cut her hair. Sujitha asking that’s ok, but you can cut your very small piece but why you cut it very short. She said actually my hubby planning for my headshave, but I am not accept, he compel me finally he said if you want to cut your hair short or shave your head, you have only 2 options. Then only I decided to chop my hair. When my haircut I cried a lot, because he only said which length I need to cut my hair. Then the barber cut my hair upto my shoulder length, half of my hair is gone. Sujitha said anyway you narrowly escape from headshave, otherwise it’s difficult to face to everybody with bald head. Vidya said that’s correct, but my husband said next trip to  tirupathi, that time I need to shave my head this is the condition he gave, then only he allows me to cut my hair short. Sujitha said don’t worry you can convince your hubby. Because you have a time. I will try my level best, but I am not sure I will escape from headshave next time.
After 6 months one Monday vidya came with clean shaven head. She cover her bald head with scarf. Sujitha got shocked once again, hey what happened did you went to tirupathi? Vidya said no I went to palani. Is your husband changing the place or what? Vidya said no this is my prayer, actually this time he don’t want my head shave, but I prayed 3 months before, if he got a new job I will tonsure my head at palani, that’s why we went to palani, and I tonsure my head and cameback. Sujitha got surprised and said, but last time your husband forced to tonsure your head what happened, I convince him for not to shave my head last couple of months, but my prayer happened suddenly because he lose his job, he need a job immediately, so I prayed to lord muruga for my head shave, he got a job next week itself, so I shave my head. Also I feel comfortable with this look. Anyway I will shave my head at tirupathi, once I grow my hair long, she said happily. Sujitha is thinking about Vidya’s sudden change, because she cried 1 week after her haircut, but now she is bald.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Divya's Tension is Over - Story Posted by Seetha

This is my personal experience, it happened on bus. When I am traveling in bus from Chennai to vellore, next to me one young girl with clean shaven head sat. She is awesome with this bald also I like very much her look. I surprised her bald look, but I am not asking about anything, because behind the seat some of her relations also there. After some time she is asking me where you are going to I said I am going to vellore and I am asked her what about you she said me too. Her name is divya and she got married 6 months before, and her mother in law house is in vellore, her house in Chennai. After marriage she settled in vellore. By the time her relatives are slept well. Then I started asking about her native and other things, finally I asked where you shaved your head and what purpose is there any vow, she replied, I shaved my head at palani day before yesterday due to my family member’s prayer. I got little surprised and asking it’s not your prayer. She said this is not my prayer my husband family forced me to shave my head at palani. I got shocked and asking about her story. She said everything.
Divya is discontinued her college due to her marriage, because she is from poor family. But she is good looking girl. After her marriage she started her life happily, but her family is joint family, her husband’s 2 younger sister and his parents stayed together. After 2 months only the problem got started, because her husband is soft spoken person, but others are not like his husband. Also they are expecting lot of money from her family before the marriage, but her husband is not accepted this. So they got angry about this and they shown their attitude with divya.  Whatever she doing they will complain with her husband, but he is not consider their words. Also she had a longhair till her waist. But her both sister in law have only mid length hair. So they got jealous about her long hair. So next month her mother in law informed about her tonsure at palani, she got shocked and cried a lot, her husband is not accept this, but finally they convince her husband with temple, prayer these kind of statements. So she don’t have choice. So day before yesterday they started palani, all the way she asked to her husband about not going to doing the tonsure, but he said don’t worry, this is a prayer, so pls do happily, then only  our family wealth and health will good. When her tonsure her sister in law took videos and photos and enjoyed a lot. Because in that family first girl to tonsure her head. Also they achieved divya got bald her long hair is gone. After this discussion I said to divya I don’t know how long your hair, and how you before the tonsure, but now you are very beautiful with the bald look, they thought they spoil your beauty, but you are very cute your beauty is stay with you. Nobody can’t spoil your beauty. Then she smiled and said thanks for your positive feedback. Then only her tension got over and she relax herself. 

Vineetha Goes Sanjana's Way

Sanjana from kerala, obviously mallu girls are famous for their long hair, but sanjana preferred for bob or boycut style. She will maintain her hair upto her shoulder length if summer season she will cut her hair short like boycut. She is differ from other kerala girls with her hairstyle. She staying in college hostel. Her room mate name is Vineetha, she had midlength hair. She straightened her hair last week so it’s extend upto her hip.It’s look very nice. Sanjana watch Vinitha’s hair and she also want grow her hair like vineetha. So she said I don’t want to cut my hair now itself, I want to grow my hair long because your longhair is inspired me. She said you can’t maintain such kind of long hair, also you don’t have patience to wash your hair. So it’s difficult. After this discussion Sanjana is not cut her hair for 2 years.
Her hair like upto her hip, and it’s silky, but all of sudden, vineetha came up with boycut one nice day, Sanjana got shocked her new haircut, she is asking why you cut your hair short?, you had a gorgeous hair, she said I want to change my hairstyle, because, dandruff and maintenance other reasons also I got bored with my longhair. I’m not comfortable my longhair. I am thinking for haircut, so today I cut my  hair. But sanjana said It’s really shocked me because of you I grown my hair, and once I grown my I am not even thinking of my haircut, but you cut your hair like boy. But you are cute you are awesome. Vineetha smiled and said, thanks for your comments. But you don’t cut your hair your hair is silky and straight so pls don’t cut, Sanjana said no chance I want to grow my hair upto my thigh. I love my longhair. So finally Vineetha goes sanjana’s way.

My Great Experience

This incident is one of my nice experience, and I want to share this to all of you. Also I change the name of the character. When I working in one private company in my colleague her name is Sindhu, she is unmarried, her age should be around 25.she joined 3 months before to me, and she had very thick and long hair. In my office she is the only girls with longhair, other’s are short and medium length, and some of them are boycut. I very much like her long and thick hair. Also it’s very natural straight. She maintains properly, everyday she come with long single braid. Some time I will speak with about her hair, she said, she maintain her hair for more than 5 yrs, and not even cut her hair, but she will trim her hair little in every 2 months. Also she is not using any shampoo, she wash her hair only with shika. And she applies coconut oil with some natural products. And I asked to her when are you cut your hair and what length you cut? she said it’s no way, I don’t want to cut my hair. I want to grow my hair long up to my thighs.
Me and Sindhu worked together for morethan 1 year in the same office, she is from orthodox family, and she will wear only churidhar or saree, and she will not come with free or loose hair. But after longawaited one Friday she came in churidhar and loose hair. She looks like different, I am asking why today you are in loose hair, she said, I wakeup little late, and I take headbath and I started with urgency, that’s why I came with loose hair. So how is my look?, I replied, it’s good and different, because everyday you came with long braid hair. Also weekly once you can come with this hairstyle. She said I will try, because my parents will not allow for free hair, they want me to in braid my hair. Also this hairstyle is not comfortable for me. I said ok. After some day she wants to resign her job due her marriage. Her marriage is happening on next month, so she put on her paper and she left the company with in one week. After this I missed her lot. But I will speak to her in phone. After her marriage also she settled in Chennai only, so in our office everybody will speak to her in phone.  After 6 months I am also resigned from the company and joined another company.
One day I got a call from Sindhu, she said she went to our previous company, then only she know I resigned from there and she is asking why you are not inform to me and where you joined,  I said I called you thrice but you are not responding, and I said my company name also. After this 2 months later I met  her in my new office, with new look, she is wearing jeans and tshirt with bobcut hairstyle, also she wearing coolers. Initially I confused because somebody called me and I turn back and seen her face I couldn’t recognize, and I with little confusion. She said hey I am sindhu, I came for interview, then only I realize, her face, and I asked hey sorry how are you? What happened to you? And I bring her to our food court. I am surprisingly asking her new look, she said, my hubby want to change my hairstyle and dresscode. Initially I won’t accept for this, but after his continuous completion, I cut my hair. I am asking to sindhu when are you cut you hair. Are your parents accepting for your haircut? She said 2days back, also what they can do, because their sun in law’s order, so my parents not said anything. I said you are cute in this haircut, but I missed your longhair, she said yes me also missed a lot, but what I can do? Frankly speaking I’m also got bored with my longhair. I smiled and said but you are awesome. After our long chat she left my office. Also she joined in my same department.
I hope all of them enjoyed my experience. All I can say entire my life this my great experience.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dream Come True

Dileep is a hairfetish, his aim is once in his lifetime he wants to cut any girl’s long hair to cut or shave. He didn’t get his chance till now. After his long waiting wish come true today. While he travel in train he met one long haired college girl, she had a gorgeous hair, she came with her parents. Gayathri sat opposite seat to Dileep. Both of them travelling to Andhra. After some time only Dileep knows her name is Gayathri. She loose her hair and combing her longhair infront of Dileep. He happily watching and dreaming to cut Gayathri’s hair. Then she is put her hair in ponytail.

After the dinner, 10 pm everybody went for sleep. Gayathri’s father and mother in the lower birth and gayathri, is in middlebirth, opposite birth one old man and one small girl. All of them in the compartment slept. Dileep decided this is the chance to cut Gayathri’s hair, so he plan accordingly, her hair is loose ponytail only, also she is middlebirth and dileep is in upper so he can easily pull her hair and cut, but his only thinking is nobody should watch if he cut her hair. So he carefully look all of them , so all of them cover their face with bedsheet and towel, due to a/c flow. So he satisfied himself, and he decide 2am is the correct time to cut her hair, because that time everybody in deep sleep. Nobody will not catch him. So he eagerly waiting for 2am. Also he checked his bag he is having scissor. His carrying his shaving set, so he have the scissor it’s small only but it is ok.
The time is come 2am, he calmly sat and check Gayathri and everybody slept, 10 mins he watch carefully one by one, so finally he satisfied everybody in deep sleep. So take his scissor, gayathri is cover her face with towel, but she is not cover her hair, also she is slept in right side, not straight. So her hair is clearly visible, Dileep decided, took his scissor and move slowly and down, and he touches her long hair, and and hold for sometime, he want to know if she is feeling somebody is holding or pulling her hair, but she slept well. Then he decided and put his scissor in her longhair, and cut her ponytail slowly, he don’t want to disturb gaythri, and finally her ponytail is in hand. She is now like bobcut. Then he took the hair and check the length of the hair, it’s very long. He is very happy for her haircut. Then he pack her hair and put the scissor in the same cover. Then he getdown from the upper birth and along with the cover, and he went  to the door, and open the door and throw outside and came and slept, next day morning, he heard somebody crying, then only he realized it’s gayathri, she wakeup at 6am, once she touches her hair, it’s gone, she cried and call her parents and show her haircut. After this Dileep is wakeup and asking with their parents, they said somebody cut gayathri’s hair, also they took along the hair. Also they asking dileep, Did you notice anybody came? He replied, no, because, I slept at 10pm, also I don’t have the habbit for wakeup in midnight. He also said, her hair is very thick, she maintain verywell. Gayathri said yes, last time I cut my hair before 4 years, also I am going for longhair competition happening in Andhra, I am participating for my college, but everything is waste. Now I can’t participate this competition. Also I signed lot of shampoo  and oil company’s advertisement. Dileep said, don’t worry, your hair will grown. But she is not convince. She crying like anything. But dileep is watching her bobcut look. So their parents decided they will return to Chennai immediately. Because no need for going for this competition.
After this incident, Dileep seen gayathri at shopping mall in Chennai next month. She cut her hair very short, and she is in boycut look. Dileep went and introduce with gayathri, she remember dileep, she smiled and asked how are you? He replied, I’m fine, hw abt you? She said fine. Then he asking why you cut your hair very short, she replied, anyway my longhair is gone, and the person is not cut my hair properly, it’s not equal length , also I don’t want grow my hair anymore, I want to stick with crop hair style, that’s why I cut my hair. He said, you are very cute in this hairstyle, she said don’t kidding, he said no compare to your longhair, you are very cute this is my opinion. She smiled and said thanks for your comments. Then she left the place. Dileep is proud himself he is the only person change Gayathri’s hairstyle. Also his dream come trur.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Renuka's Makeover - Story posted by Sandeep Kumar

Renuka was a newsreader working for Channel plus She has been working in this channel since 5 years now ,First she was just news reader but slowly she became popular and the channel owners started giving her chance to anchor her own shows and she started to that also Nicely .

After some time new channels started to come up and they hired younger and more beautiful news readers and people started to watch Less and Less of Channel plus and Particular renuka's show since she was now doing only serious shows and not entertainment shows ,so owners of Channel plus got worried by all this and they called for a meeting

In meeting they called renuka also since her show was now least popular in Channel plus and then asked her why she show is now not popular renuka said she had no idea but always she maintained her standard and will not do cheap things like other channels by covering silly things ,but the owners said they don’t care because only if channel is popular they can make money .Then owners were informed by the others in meeting that one reason other channels are doing well is they have younger fresh faces and again owners looked at renuka ,now renuka was really angry she said that experience also matters .So meeting ended without taking any decision but it was clear that pressure was on renuka now .

Later on one owner called renuka for one to one meeting and told her that he liked her quality of journalism but he also had to run channel so he had an idea ,renuka asked what and owner replied that you need to give shock to audience then they will start watching again renuka didn't understand and asked what she needs to do give shock to audience ,owner replied that she needs to have new look and she needs to be in boy cut ,renuka was shocked ,she was in long hair all these days and she liked it and said no I am not agreeing to this ,Owner said that other owners were putting pressure on him to ask her to resign but he was only one supporting her if she didn’t agree to it then she needs to resign ,renuka was shocked to hear this and owner told that by tomorrow either you resign or come in boy cut

Renuka went home early that day very confused she always liked her job and she knew she could not do cheap things by making news silly then she spoke to best friend rekha about this ,rekha asked her what is important for her hair or her job ,renuka said her job so rekha said then good so now go get haircut ,still renuka was nervous but went to parlor and sat in chair beautician asked her what she wants she said please chop off my hair !!Beautician was shocked and asked are you sure renuka said yes so beautician began wetting her and beautician hide her face from mirror opposite so told her that she will see her face only after her cut is over renuka agreed and cutting is started renuka was sitting as her hair was being chopped after some time it ended she now saw herself in mirror she was in boy cut she could not recognize herself only she was surprised with herself and went home

Next day she went to office at first no one recognized her and everyone was surprised to see her ,then owners also came to know about her haircut ,then she started to record her show she still had old confidence and charm but new look ,then it went live on air and slowly people also got shocked with her look after some days her popularity again became high now because people wanted to see her look but renuka always did serious issues but her shows now again are popular so now owners are happyand she also happy also she is happy that now she does not need to maintain her hair and it saves time so she started liking her new look and always now maintained her look in boycut.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Priya's Bold Decision

This is my personal experience in tonsure hall. Name only I mentioned my own, but all the conversation are true. Its happened at tirumala last week. It’s wonderful watch one aunty her age is around 26 to 28, she had bobcut hairstyle. She came along with her friend, she had butt length hair. I thought both of them going for haircut, because both of them are very modern and rich, also very beautiful. But my thought is wrong. What happened?? Pls read the story.
Priya and her friend in the tonsure hall, priya actually came for haircut, but suddenly she said to radhika, hey can I shave my head, radhika shocked and she replied, hey r u mad or what?, what happened to you, both of them coming for just an small haircut, priya replied, yes, but now I decided to shave it off all of my hair, because, any way next month I will crop my hair in parlour, that you know every summer I cut my hair short, bobcut to boycut, but if I tonsure my head, another 6 to 7 months no need to going to the parlour, also I gave for vow, so it’s good only. Radhika smiled and its upto you, if your hubby will not accept for this what you can do, she replied, If I shave my head and went to my home, nobody will do anything, also my hubby planning our family tonsure next year, so that’s not a problem, radhika said then it’s ok, priya asked to radhika, hey can you give company to me, radhika shocked and asking for what? She said, tonsure, radhika got angry and she show her longhair to priya, hey, I grow my hair for past 3 years, I will not tonsure my head, also this is the first time I am going to cut. So that’s not possible, Priya smiled and said hey, I just kidding. Then radhika smiled, ok, pls bring token for your headshave, then priya went to the counter she asking tonsure token , he gave token and blade to priya, she came and she standing in the que, she don’t know the tonsure process.
Radhika said, pls wet your hair, then only barber will tonsure, then priya wash her hair with water, by the time, her turn, so once washed her hair she sat in front of the barber, she had shoulder length short hair, so barber is not put knot, she gave the token and blade, then the barber again wet her hair, and he put the blade in knife and he started the shaving directly, she feel her bald plate in her middle of her head, radhika surprisingly watch priya’s headshave. Barber shaved her head completely, and he said over, then priya touch and check her bald head, did he missed any hair,  she satisfied with her head shave, and she moved the place, and priya asking to radhika, how is my bald, is good? Radhika replied, hey you are awesome and cute, the radhika said to the barber for her small piece of haircut, he did that, then both of them move out the place. Radhika touched priya’s bald head, and said, it’s very smooth, you motivated me for tonsure, so probably next time I am also shave my head, priya said, if you want pls shave and join with me, radhika said, no I got tensed today, also, I am not inform my headshave to my hubby, he loves my long hair, so once I will convince him then I will come for tonsure, it will take minimum of 1 year. Priya said ok, not a problem, take your own time, but pls shave your head once in your life time, it’s nice feeling. Radhika replied, sure, I will tonsure my head next time.  I really like her bold decision, also their conversation. It’s awesome to share with you people.