Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bald Nandita

Janani informed to her colleagues we have a new AM, her name is Nandita and she is joining today.  Janani is the team leader in her team Sujitha, Anupama and Gayathri all are girls. After 1 hour MD of the company Jaya coming and she accompanied by a young girl with bald head came. And she is not cleanly shaven head, she is looks like shaved her head 2 weeks back. Jaya said she is your new AM Nandita she directly reports to me. Please give the support to her. All the 4 girls are introduced their self with Nandita and Jaya left the place.
Then Nandita went to HR dept for some clarifications, by the time, their team members chatting about Nandita, Anupama started, she is look a like a Monk, Sujitha said no she is look a like arrogant, Gayathri said I don’t have idea about her, but she is looking beautiful if she had a hair, Janani said ok girls please keep quiet will discuss after sometime, anytime she will enter our room, if we discuss like this, she will think us like a enemy. Another 5 mins Nandita came to the room and she said ok girls, I want everybody’s interest, working style, and everything about you. Then everybody introduce their entire things, finally Janani asks Nandita can you please tell me about yourself, Nandita smiled and started she said her experience, education, family everything.
After the week, Monday morning, Nandita came with a clean shaven head, All the 4 girls are shocked her look, initially they thought she had tonsure at temple when she joined the company, but with in a week she again shave her head. So everybody looking surprisingly, Nandita understand their look and said, girls, what you are look my bald head, everybody said “yes”, and Janani ask to Nandita what happened to you” Nandita smiles nothing happened, why, you shaved your head again, you have any vow at temple, Nandita laugh and said girls this is my hairstyle, I like my head should be cleanly shaven. Everybody got surprised and Anupama asks Why? Nandita said, Anu you like long hair so you maintain, Suji and Gayu like short hair so they cut their like bob, I like this bald look, and this is my 15th or 16th headshave in this year. Everybody got shocked, nandita continues her speech, she said, Yes, I had midback hair upto last year, but when I went to tirumala for my first headshave I love to keep my head shaven, so every 2 weeks I shave my head myself.  Only 2 times I shave my head at saloon, after that I bought a razor and shave my head cleanly without any hesitate, so today morning also I shave my head, this will reduce my daily headbath, hairstyle everything also timesaving. After this Nandita’s statement nobody ask about her bald look. She continues her bald look, nowadays she shaves her head alternative days.

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